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Radio: F.H. Buckley On Economic Mobility And Social Class Change

Author F.H. Buckley explains how and why America must return to the ways of it’s past.


Frank Buckley, author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss a theory of pursuing socialist ends through capitalist means and the issue of economic upward mobility across our country.

Buckley reflected on the results of the 2012 election and the way American social classes have evolved since. “We have grown a new class of aristocrats above the commanding heights of our economy a small group of people, not the one percent, so much as the two or three percent composed of academics… fund babies…”

The problems effecting the white working class are of a different nature than some of the problems effecting the working class more generally, Domenech said. “When it comes to the success of Donald Trump, it seems to me it is no accident that out of the states that have voted thus far, that are in the top 20 of recipients of federal disability aid, that Donald Trump won all but three of them,” Domenech said.

Buckley said the country is ready for a Machiavellian moment. “We are to understand American politics today not in terms of a Right and Left continuum, but rather a virtue-corruption continuum,” Buckley said. “And that explains both the rise of Bernie Sanders and to some extent Donald Trump.”

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