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Creating, Naming, and Picking Candidates For A Third Party With Robert Tracinski

Ben Sasse

After Ben Sasse’s open letter on Facebook to the rest of America who wants a third candidate, Tracinski and Domenech discuss what that would take to become plausible.


Robert Tracinski, staff writer at The Federalist, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the possibility of a third-party and an alternative candidate for those who can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump or Clinton. They explored the logistics of such a party, what name or label they should adopt, and the potential candidates they could look to for leadership.

Tracinksi said we need an alternative or parallel leadership for the right-wing coalition and for all the conservatives running down the ballot at state and local levels. “A way for them to still be on the Republican ticket, because it’s too late to change that, but still be able to not be answerable to the freak show that is going to be going on in the general election,” he said.

The label “liberal” has now been dropped by the Left, in favor calling themselves “progressives.” “There is a long history of the term ‘liberal’ meaning pro freedom, pro free market,” Tracinski said. “I think what you’re doing is you’re piling on top of the creation of a third-party, the extra project of reclaiming a basic word in American politics.”

There are number of factions such as social conservatives, neoconservatives, Libertarians and others, who all have problems with Trump, but also all have problems with each other. “That’s the way the system is supposed to work because it’s supposed to keep us from charging off a cliff with 20 percent faction that has it’s own special interest that may not be good for the rest of the country.”

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