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Nothing Says ‘Romance’ Like Jay Z’s Dueling Divorce Album

jay z

Jay Z is reportedly working on an album that tells the story of a dark time in his marriage to Beyoncé, which she depicted in her album ‘Lemonade.’


Remember when some suspected Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” seemed to be a cold, corporate effort to capitalize on a dark time in her marriage to Jay Z? Well, get ready for this: Jay Z is reportedly working on an album sharing the story from his own perspective, US Weekly reports.

Because nothing says “don’t worry, we’re all good, really,” like a pair of dueling albums that supposedly delve into the emotional ramifications of infidelity and the ugly possibility of divorce. In no way should we assume, of course, that the pair sat down and planned out how to depict their marriage in a way that would pique public interest for maximum financial payoff, right?

Yeah, I’m not buying that.

I take back what I said last week when I suggested that perhaps Beyoncé was simply finding her own voice after a lifetime of being handled and prompted by those around her, and that her decision to lay out the details of her marriage woes so openly was a sign of personal growth and not necessarily a decision made for her at an executive board meeting.

While there was never any question as to whether the “intimate details” Bey shared in “Lemonade” were indeed artistic depictions of a period of emotional turmoil, the notion that both halves of the Carter duo will be cashing in on this period of time seems to cast a pretty thick shadow of doubt on the integrity of her album. Was anything she sang about genuine, or was it all just a manufactured projection of what Beyoncé thinks the public wants to hear?

Either way, you can be sure I will listen to Jay Z’s latest, because I’m a sucker or something like that.