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Prince, Trump, and the House Select Hearing on Fetal Tissue Trafficking

Mollie Hemingway remembers the legacy of Prince on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway joined Ben Domenech in the studio to discuss Donald Trump’s sweep in the Northeastern States’ primaries, the recent death of Prince and make to make of the loss, and her reports from the most recent congressional hearing on the trafficking of aborted baby parts.

“If he had never sung a song, he would still be one of the world’s best guitar players,” Hemingway said of Prince. “That’s how talented he was.”

Hemingway said since Prince’s death, many journalists have attempted to characterize him as gender bending and queer. “For one thing he was a man who dressed in a feminine way frequently,” she said. “But this was a guy who did more for female self-esteem than anybody by recognizing and praising female sexuality.”

Last week, the House Select Panel on Infant Lives heard testimonies from witnesses about evidence of a widespread market for unborn baby parts. Hemingway recapped the hearing and what the witnesses had to say.

“The first thing they showed is that federal prohibits profiting from the sale or transfer of fetal parts,” she said. “Then they showed that abortion clinics don’t actually do any work to get these aborted baby parts. Other people come into a clinic and they do everything.”

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