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Mark Mills on Bill Gates, Pope Francis, Energy Policy and Climate Change

Has there been a revolution in the energy industry? Mark Mills answers on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Mark Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a Forbes columnist, writes about energy policy, energy markets, and the climate change debate. He joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to discuss technology advancement in American resources, providing energy for under developed countries, and what happens not that millennials are buying cars.

Mills said there is not current disruption in the energy industry that will change the way we use energy in the future. “If there has been something that we can call a revolution, it’s clearly been shale resources,” he said. “The interesting thing about the shale revolution is that it wasn’t planned, expected, subsidizes, taxed into existence.”

Bill Gates recently discussed the intersection of climate concerns and energy in and interview with the Atlantic. Mills critiqued and expanded on what Gates had to say. “His focus in that to say we should be concerned with spending more money on basic research and development,” Mills said.

Energy policy is at the heart of many international disputes. “The geopolitics of energy is arguably far more important than the environmental aspects of energy, not that both aren’t important, but there is an immediacy and urgency associated with the geopolitics because wars have been, are being, and will be fought over resources,” Mills said.

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