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Feminist Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Soulless, Incompetent’

hillary clinton

Camille Paglia ripped modern feminism, Lena Dunham, and especially Hillary Clinton, calling her ‘soulless’ and ‘incompetent’ in a recent interview.


Feminist Camille Paglia ripped modern feminism, Lena Dunham, and “soulless” Hillary Clinton in a recent interview published by Spiked.

“People don’t lay a glove on her,” she said. “The woman has never succeeded in any job, she’s created chaos after chaos, including now all of North Africa spilling its refugees into Europe, and it’s due to Hillary for taking out Gaddafi and not thinking about what would happen afterward.”

“I think she’s absolutely soulless,” she said. “I think she’s incompetent.”

Clinton isn’t the only woman whom Paglia thinks has co-opted feminism to use as a tool for her own personal gain.

“Lena Dunham to me is the symbol of neuroticism which masquerades as feminism,” she said. “I mean, Lena Dunham has a lot of problems that have to do with body image that have nothing whatever to do with wider society but have to do with the cast of her own family life and her own family background.”

Dunham uses feminism as a platform to project her own personal struggles, particularly her struggles with her own body image, onto the rest of society and find an external outlet to express them, Paglia said.

“The way she presents herself physically, it’s like: ‘Look I’m just presenting myself exactly as I am,” she said. “The implied blame [is] that ‘If you find me ugly, you don’t understand. I am woman, as she is, and you are sexist!'”

“I’m sorry, no,” Paglia said. “You’re just a big pile of pudding!”

She lamented that modern feminism has encourage millennials to demand coddling from college administrations in an effort to cocoon themselves.

“They think of the world as basically their playpen,” she said. “They’ve been raised in a bourgeoisie buffer. They’ve been raised wrapped in cotton. I think it goes back to their removal from the old working-class realities of life.”