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Why The Left Is On A Never-Ending Witch Hunt


My kid sister, who does Twitter, took it upon herself to propagate my last article. Several of her friends reacted negatively. One was so utterly silly that I took to the typewriter to concoct a response; but then realized my critic was 14 years old. So I thought better of it and went to bed.

As I arose in the morning, my sister had sent me another critique of my article. It read as follows: “Guys this is cis white male trolling people. Just report block, and move on.” At first, I was thrilled to think leftists had finally determined that my sister and I, being of Sicilian and Vietnamese ancestry, had graduated into being white (the master race, as the Democratic primary would suggest), as opposed to being genetically inferior racial toxins requiring forced sterilization, as Madame Sanger and the Progressives of yesteryear contended.

As I spent the better part of the day waiting eagerly for the official diploma informing me of my change in status, I began to contemplate that, although I had been promoted to society’s ruling class, I had also been demoted to the Left’s newest object of hatred.

I say newest, because “white people” are surely not the first. Rather, it is innate to leftism to always identify some group as the source of all problems in society, some class that makes all mankind choke. For, you see, leftism is nothing but one unending witch hunt.

The Hunt for the Oppressor

Now having made such a claim, it is necessary that I reference facts. Once upon a time there was a certain thinker who thought the thought that would pave the way for all modern liberal double-think, or rather un-thought. His name was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and he famously quipped that “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” Many found this idea appealing; but it begs the question. If man is born free, who has enthralled him? So a 200-year chase commenced to find the witch who had brought such maleficence to mankind.

If man is born free, who has enthralled him? So a 200-year chase commenced to find the witch.

First the Jacobins came, and found the clandestine oppressor to be nothing other than the church and the nobles. So they quickly proceeded to murder the entire clergy and nobility of the French nation. However, this seemed not to bring the desired result; their people still seemed enslaved, the freedom and utter equality they craved had not been acquired. They must have found the wrong witch!

Karl Marx soon followed, and identified the true enemy of mankind as the capitalists. So his followers proceeded to kill all the capitalists, and a quarter of the population of their nations in the process; however, this too failed to break the spell.

The Progressives in America and England soon followed, and ironically saw the oppressors to be the “inferior” genetics of southern Europeans and blacks, who so rapidly reproduced that they were destroying the otherwise paradisical society of white people with their uncivilized blood.

Nazis learned from the Progressives, but, being of a more moderate demeanor, determined that Jews were the worst of the bad lot. They were a sort of combination of what all the previous leftist movements had identified as malefactors: they were brownish, capitalist, and religious—the trifecta!

So the Nazis killed all the Jews, and then God, being partial to his chosen people, killed all the Nazis. Again, man was in chains, and the invisible slave-master was on the loose.

Now Witches Are Everywhere

Now with the birth of pluralism, the Left no longer feels the need to identify a single oppressor, but rather has embraced a slew of them, each oppressing within a single domain: men oppressing women, whites oppressing blacks, straights oppressing gays, industry oppressing the unindustrious, religion oppressing the irreligious, etc. The net effect of these oppressors explains the fact that “all mankind is in chains.” Now it is no longer necessary to do away with only the church, or the rich, or the Jews; rather, it is necessary to do away with all the “ties that bind,” and human civilization with them.

The Left no longer feels the need to identify a single oppressor, but rather has embraced a slew of them.

The kingdom of the Left may be likened unto an agitated old woman who, convinced that her aching back and arthritic hand are caused by a cursed talisman hidden somewhere within some household object, goes with a hammer and, one at a time, breaks to pieces first her vases, then her radio set, then her television, waiting a few moments after each one to see if her symptoms are thereby relieved. Little does she know that her pain is just part of the problem of being born.

This is the fundamental madness of the Left, that, in assuming man could ever be free and equal, must blame something for the fact that no one is free or equal; that thing, whatever it is, must be destroyed, so egalitarian freedom may reign.

They fail to understand what every saint and every suicide knows intuitively, that the cause of life’s misery has nothing to do with some tyrannical spirit in the ether, or dark conspiracy clothed in obscuring shadow. Rather, it has everything to do with the corruption within every man’s mind. “The kingdom of hell is within you.”