George Fields
George Fields
George Fields

George Fields is a rather unimportant person who delights in unimportant things. Little is known about him. He currently resides in the Land of Cotton, since old times there are not forgotten.

Why Abortion Kills A Person Even If You Don’t Think The Unborn Are People Yet

Whether the fetus is a person at any given moment of pregnancy is a non-issue, since it will eventually become a person. Therefore, to abort a fetus is to annihilate the person.

Why The Left Is On A Never-Ending Witch Hunt

Leftism always identifies some group as the source of all problems in society, some class that makes all mankind choke.

The New Sexual World Order Is So Confusing

I would like to get on the right side of history regarding sex and gender, but I can’t figure out where it is.

Three Christmas Gifts To The World

A few simple word changes can bring great joy and peace to all peoples this Christmas.

Terrorists Murder Out Of Love, Not Hate

Terrorists know we have no particular love for our civilization, and that is why they can batter it. If we loved it as they do their religion, we would destroy them.

What Penguins Teach Us About Microaggressions

Penguins know a thing or two about bravery.

How To Travel Well On A Budget

Westerners often travel to assert their cultural hegemony. Instead, try some humility.

Why Do Progressives Resent Reality So Much?

Progressives seek to be ‘hypersexual’ or ‘pansexual’ because they never quite understood what it meant to be ‘sexual.’

Contrary To Popular Belief, The Left Loves Capitalism

It’s not true to say leftists hate capitalism. In the market, sure, but liberals employ capitalism in their personal lives with a vengeance.

Masculinity Is About Dominance, And That’s A Good Thing

Those who are most beautiful to our minds and praised for their masculine virtues are those who serve. Thus, masculinity requires conquering oneself.

A Political Lesson From The School of Athens

People often assume political stances to feel good and show off, not because they believe them deeply or have thought them through.