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Chris Stirewalt on New Hampshire Winners and Losers

Chris Stirewalt, Fox News editor, explains how Donald Trump is rebranding the Republican party.


After the results of the New Hampshire primary, the anti-Trump forces are in disarray. Fox News Digital Politics Editor, Chris Stirewalt, joined to Federalist Radio Hour to discuss where the candidates go from here and why New Hampshire may or may not matter.

Ben Domenech said that while Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the nomination, Ted Cruz remains as the likeliest nominee for the party. “Cruz has been able to appeal outside of his box of the conservative base to evangelicals, to libertarians, and to other more hawkish conservatives,” said. “He does basically the second best against Hillary Clinton out of any one in the field after Marco Rubio.”

Stirewalt said Donald Trump is a fundamental rebranding of the Republican party. “But he rebrands it, not as the conservative party, but as the Trump party,” he said. “What does Donald Trump stand for? Stuff Donald Trump says.”

New Hampshire is where the road ends for John Kasich, because as Chris Stirewalt noted, he ended up courting a lot of Democrats. “Republicans will want to have a Republican,” he said. “Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio aren’t done yet. It will go down as one of the costliest (at least on Jeb Bush’s side), ugliest, and probably most counterproductive fights we have seen in a long time.”

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