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Rep. Mark Sanford Says Americans Should Be Skeptical But Optimistic

Congressman Mark Sanford and Washington Free Beacon Editor in Chief Matthew Continetti join the Federalist Radio Hour.


Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech was back in the studio, joined by Congressman Mark Sanford of South Carolina. They discussed the economy and the American people’s trust in government. Later in the hour, Matthew Continetti, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, joined Domenech to discuss the State of the Union Address and why Donald Trump is predictably unpredictable.

We have seen both parties lose trust from the American people. “People can’t trust our government to get anything right,” Domenech said.

Sandford said young people should be suspiciously skeptical but optimistic. “There’s a juxtaposition,” he said. “We should be wildly optimistic based on the fact that we live in the remarkable time period…when you have to ability to export what you know and what you believe and what you think at levels that have never been recorded before.”

There is a divide between the old polite way of doing politics and the new way of doing politics, and Donald Trump is only making the division more precise. Continetti said he thinks Trump is not afraid to call Hillary out to her face in a debate. “If Trump wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, who is going to stop him?”

Later in the hour they discussed the news of New Republic Owner Chris Hughes’ decision to sell the magazine and how the the political media marketplace has changed. “Now everyone has an opinion, everyone has a channel, everyone has an outlet so the gatekeeping function doesn’t really work,” Continetti said. “There is no way to make any political opinion enterprise profitable and any owner who thinks that is the case is sadly mistaken and in the game for the wrong reason.”

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