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Federalist Radio Is Back: Faux-Feminism with Bre Payton

Bre Payton and Ashe Schow discuss the tampon tax, sexual assault and other issues that do the opposite of empowering women.


The Federalist Radio Hour returned from its holiday hiatus, hosted by Federalist staff writer, Bre Payton. Ashe Schow, commentary writer for the Washington Examiner and senior political columnist at the Observer, also joined the show to discuss the rise of “Faux Feminism.” The women also addressed the sexism of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the latest outrage over the tampon tax, and how the campus sexual assault cases and stories are impacting men, women, and future victims.

Payton suggested that feminism has gone from empowering women in finding their own conclusions or having dialogue, to being railroaded with an extreme agenda. “I think it’s deafening and drowning out… it’s silencing the real issues that are important to women.”

Schow said that the Left claims to stand up for women, but only women who agree with them. “If you disagree with them, then you get the Sarah Palin treatment,” she said.

Some women in California are harnessing the idea that sales tax on feminine hygiene products are unfair and discriminatory against women. “It’s a complete political ploy just like the free birth control thing was,” Schow said. “It’s a wedge issue, a dividing thing, and nobody is going to save any money.”

Later in the hour, Schow and Payton discuss the ways in which universities are addressing rape and sexual assault case is only going to increase the number of false accusations. “These kids are not being provided due process,” Schow said. “It definitely pits women against men because now you are being taught that your guy friend is just waiting to get you drunk and rape you, and then of course men are now coming to see that any woman you talk to could accuse you of rape.”

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