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Trump: It’s Time To Ban All Muslims From Entering The U.S.


Trump saved Obama’s bacon today by changing the conversation from Obama’s failure to contain ISIS to Trump’s new plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.


Another awful news cycle for President Barack “ISIS is contained” Obama, another huge bailout from billionaire provocateur Donald Trump.

After a devastating terrorist attack in San Bernardino last week, Obama was finally feeling the heat from the media over his failed national security policies and his futile attempt to deflect attention by talking about gun control. So, naturally, Donald Trump felt compelled to do his boy Barry a solid by changing the conversation.

In an announcement today, Trump called for legislators to implement a “complete and total ban” on Muslims entering the United States because of the “great hatred” many of them harbor for Americans.

Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants and visitors to enter the U.S. comes just days after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino that killed 14 people. At least one of the shooters responsible for the attack reportedly declared allegiance to ISIS.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has doubled down on his claims that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered as they watched the World Trade Center buildings collapse on 9/11, despite the fact that no evidence whatsoever exists to support his claim. The wealthy nepot also suggested at one point that American Muslims should be required to carry a special identification card indicating that they practiced the Islamic religion.

Trump will likely get to explain his policy announcement during the upcoming GOP Presidential debate on Dec. 15, which is set to air on CNN.