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Radio: ISIS, Refugees, and Foreign Policy Criticism From Obama’s Own Party

Justin Johnson from the Heritage Foundation and Paul Miller from the University address Obama’s foreign policy and lack thereof.


Obama rebuked ISIS today by talking about climate change. Joining the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the President’s disaster of a foreign policy is Justin Johnson, a specialist in defense budget and policy at the Heritage Foundation. Later in the hour, Paul D. Miller, associate director of the Clements Center for History, Strategy & Statecraft at The University of Texas at Austin, joined the conversation on Syrian Refugees.

As more critics from Obama’s own party begin to criticize his actions or lack thereof, he continues to demonize Republicans and simply ignore his own Democratic critics. “I think President Obama seems to be living in his own alternate reality or drinking too much of his own Kool-Aid,” Johnson said.

Johnson explains the situation between Russia and the Middle East with the Russian plane that was shot down and the triangle that has formed between Putin, Obama and al-Assad. “I think the idea that Assad has to go, is really out of step with reality,” Domenech said. “There was a window there where you could have gotten rid of Assad if you really pressed your foot on the pedal. The American people didn’t support that direction so it ultimately failed.”

Miller said that he is confident we are not going to have 100 percent success in vetting terrorists from Syrian refugees. “The American people need to make a decision. Are they willing to accept a small heightened risk of terrorism inside our country in exchange for welcoming tens of thousands of people who genuinely need help.”

He also said that allowing refugees would allow for a more controlling government. “The more we open ourselves up to the world, the more the government will feel obliged to increase it’s ability to keep tabs on everyone.”

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