Bill Maher Blasts Liberals For Believing That Muslims Share The Same Values

Bill Maher Blasts Liberals For Believing That Muslims Share The Same Values

On Friday night’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher criticized liberals for believing that Muslims share the same values as other religions.

“This idea that all religions share the same values is bullshit and we need to call it bullshit,” Maher said. “If you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds [with American ones]. This is what liberals don’t want to recognize.”

“There’s a radical portion of this religion that takes these ideas and uses them as a fuel to crush people and to kill people and that is something that needs to be squashed,” said Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech.

“There’s 1.5 billion Muslims, surely we can agree that there’s a portion of them, a portion that does number in the millions, [that support radical portions of the faith],” Domenech said.

“What about Indonesia? The moderate country of Indonesia… Only 18 percent believe in honor killings,” Maher said. “Really? One out of five people in  country that you’re holding up as the moderate country believes if a woman is raped, we blame and kill her?”

“This is just an elite piety that there’s no difference between these two things [radical Islamic values and America ones],” Domenech said.

“I think we can be optimistic though,” he said. “I think in the long run, our values actually do win the day.”

He explained that it’s easier for Muslims refugees to participate in American culture than it is for Muslim refugees to become a part of European culture.

“In Europe, Muslim refugees who come to France are never going to be true Frenchmen,” he said. “But if they come here, they will be Americans.”

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