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Breaking News Alert It Could Soon Be Illegal For California Teachers To Tell Parents About Kids' Trans Confusion

Radio: Media Bias, Adele’s Stiff-Arm to Streaming and Monitoring Muslims

Rebecca Berg and Brent Scher join the show to discuss the day’s headlines.


On the radio today, David Harsanyi, senior editor at The Federalist, and Rebecca Berg, reporter at Real Clear Politics, discuss the day’s news including: Donald Trump’s stance on a Muslim database, the CNN reporter suspended for tweeting her bias, and Adele’s decision to not stream her music.

Berg said Trump is now clarifying that he personally did not suggest the idea of a national database tracking American-Muslims, but that he simply acknowledged a reporter who suggest it. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say ‘no’ outright to a question,” she said. “This is the problem we have with Donald Trump: It’s tough to pin him down because he’s constantly evolving and changing what he’s saying.”

Harsanyi and Berg explore the idea of bias media and whether unbiased reporters exist. “I’ve long argued that everyone in the media should simply be honest about their biases because every person is biased,” Harsanyi said.

Later in the hour, Brent Scher from the Washington Free Beacon joined to discuss different artists’ approach to selling their music, like Adele and Justin Bieber, as well as the Apple Music CEO’s comments about women having difficulty selecting music.

“It seems like [women] will play whatever pops up on their Spotify and whatever is playing like 100 times a day on whatever radio stations they listen to,” Scher said. “Going back to Adele–everybody likes that Skyfall song. She literally just shrieks ‘skyfall’ over and over again.”

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