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Veteran Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Pilot speaks on Syria, Russia and VA scandal

How Obama’s promise to keep boots off the ground in Syria has made it too little too late to find any solutions in the Middle East.


Amber Smith, a senior fellow at Independent Women’s Forum and veteran, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the events coming to a head in the Middle East between Syria, Putin, ISIS and Obama’s response to it all.

She said that as people start to see more of Russia’s presence in the Middle East, Americans are starting to want some results. “We spent $500 million training five Syrian fighters and look where that got us. Absolutely no where.”

She said the Obama administration is just trying to bide their time for the remainder of his term. “[Obama] knows that if he wants to turn the tide it is going to require some sort of significant military involvement and that’s something he promised wouldn’t happen,” she said.

Smith also explains how very little has changed since the uncovering of the VA scandal in April 2014. She asserts that change begins with the leadership at the top, and that employees still aren’t being held accountable for.

“Unless a few things change at the VA there’s not going to be any significant change at all,” Smith said. “There is still a leadership crisis. [Bob McDonald] is very reluctant for any form of change. We’ve continued to see him go after his critics instead of acknowledging the changes that need to be made.”

Recent news of China abandoning their one-child policy has led to conversations about forced abortion and a population crisis in China. Steven Mosher, author and journalist, joined the show show to discuss the impact of China’s decision.

“The reality is if your economy is shrinking because your population is dying, you’re not going to have the wherewithal, the resources, to do anything about air pollution, water pollution, endangered species, extinction,” he said. “That all takes money and that all takes human ingenuity.”

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