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Marco Rubio: Mainstream Media Is A Super PAC For Democrats

marco rubio

Marco Rubio pointed out how ridiculously slanted the media coverage has been, especially surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


During the third Republican presidential debate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) called out the media for covering liberals more favorably than they ought. After Trump made disparaging comments about Political Action Committees, and bragged about how rich he is, Rubio interjected that liberal candidates have the liberal media acting as their “ultimate super PAC.”

He pointed out the negligence the media demonstrated when covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign last week during House committee hearings probing the events surrounding an attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya.

Tonight’s debate was no exception from the bias that Rubio spoke of, as one of CNBC’s moderators, John Harwood, is known to treat liberals very favorably in the past. Rubio wasn’t the only candidate to pushback at the moderators, as Ted Cruz also took a jab at how their pointed questions underscores why the American public doesn’t trust the media.

“I know the Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC, it’s called the mainstream media,” Rubio said. “Last week, Hillary Clinton admitted she sent emails to her family saying ‘Hey, this attack in Benghazi was caused by Al qaeda-like elements.’ She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet, the mainstream media is saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar. […] But she has her super PAC helping her out: the American mainstream media.”