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Date-onomics: It’s Not You, It’s The Data

In Date-onomics, Jon Birger uses data to explore the dating and marriage dilemmas that single, college-educated women face.


“It’s not that he’s just not that into you—it’s that there’s not enough of him.” This is the premise of Jon Birger’s book, Date-onomics. The author and journalist joined the Federalist Radio Hour today and explained how he used data, demographics, and university case studies to understand the dating dilemmas that many single, college-educated women face.

Birger expected this shortage of single and college-educated men to be a big-city phenomenon, but it actually turned out to be a national trend, even in rural areas like Montana. “The research shows that both men and women have become more rigid about dating across educated lines.”

This, of course, has an impact on other dating and marriage statistics. “When women are in oversupply, everybody gets married later,” he said. “Every year a man holds out, his market gets better.”

The author’s research took him to different university campuses, studying the dating culture of many across the country. He explains how the hookup culture, the dating apps and technology like Tinder, and the campus sexual assault cases all fall under this umbrella of data, one way or another.

Later in the hour, Dan Mitchell joins the show to discuss Congress’s latest budget deal and how it gives Obama almost everything he wanted. Mitchell, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, said the new deal will spend more now and promises to spend less in the future.

“We wound up with a kiss your sister situation, and we don’t exactly have a pretty sister in this case,” he said.

Republicans were negotiating this deal out of fear and only wanted to avoid a potential government shutdown fight.

“Don’t forget there is another piece to this puzzle: the debt limit has been increased,” Mitchell said. “And republicans might be scared of a shutdown fight, but they are terrified of a debt limit fight.”

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