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Breaking News Alert 3 Biggest Revelations From The TikTok Hearing That Explain Why The App Has Got To Go 

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 21


Happy 21st Birthday to TWIWT! Technically it’s only 21 weeks old, as a certain film critic pointed out, but kids grow up fast these days, so we’re counting it. To be honest, it’s always been rather boozy. Now, though, it’s legal as well. So sit back, relax, crack one open, and enjoy, even if it’s morning and you’re working.

Maybe he’s been drinking or thinks he’s on Pinterest.

I’m going to assume this is true.

They’re not as bad as pandas.

At work, we’re trying to solve a bird problem on our rooftop deck. I may try this.

As an owner of both, yeah.

Disney creates unreal expectations for young women.

Johnny Depp creates unreal expectations for everybody.

“Ghostbusters” created some unrealistic expectations, too.

What was he thinking?

When what should be the easiest game of Rochambeau ever goes wrong.

 That’s also discrimination against people with scissor-hands.


This sounds serious.


For the haters.

When you want the funeral to be just right.

I’m surprised it’s not spelled Geoff.


Follow your heart.

When vanquishing foes, you have to eat.

No one did, really.

She should demand a refund.

When Archer does new employee orientation.

“You have insulted my honor and I demand respect.”

Coming soon to SyFy.

Wasn’t this an episode of “The Brady Bunch”?


You know what they say about assumptions.

She’s totes correct.

Nailed it.

If you go through the drive-thru you’re probably alright.

If he maintains full eye contact while putting them on, things will be fine.

Better than rollerblades.

Caine from Kung Fu: Origins.

She’s a keeper.

This is a great costume.

Seriously, men, don’t go there.

People who think it’s the changing of the leaves have it so wrong.

At least he’s communicating.


Well, time to head out and really party down in celebration of the big 2-1. It should be a ripping good time and I invite you all to join me. And then again next week when this thing turns 22. Pretty much just plan on partying for a while into the future because if there’s one thing wrong with the tweet below, it’s everything.