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Surprise! Media Deceptively Edited Jeb Bush’s ‘Stuff Happens’ Quote

jeb bush

Maybe Ryan Lizza should learn from Bush and think before he has the impulse to tweet,


While addressing the Oregon Massacre, Jeb Bush spoke out against more gun control on Friday in South Carolina. His words were taken out of context to sound like he was being flippant about the tragedy by Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker, who tweeted:

The full context of Bush’s remark makes it clear that the former Florida Governor was not shrugging off the tragedy. Nevertheless Lizza’s tweet was retweeted over 1,000 times within an hour and cited in several articles, including one from The Daily Beast, which features a video of Jeb defending his comment. Bush’s full remarks are in the video below: As other political reporters have since pointed out, Lizza took Bush’s words wildly out of context:

After getting heat for his deceptively edited tweet, Lizza released what he deemed as the “full” quote.

He later released more of the context, despite his claims that he had already tweeted the full quote.

Lizza’s slow release of the full statement was not lost on others, who called him out for trying to cover up his attempt at misquoting Bush.

As it turns out, Bush isn’t the only one to have used the words “stuff happens” in response to a tragedy. President Obama used the phrase in a White House press release in response to Syrian conflict in 2013.

And again in response to the Charleston Massacre.

Bush pointed out that  tragedy indeed occurs all the time, but jumping to action isn’t always the best solution. Maybe Lizza should learn from Bush and think before he has the impulse to tweet, because it’s not always the right thing to do.