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Should We Execute The Boston Bomber?

Ben Hosts A Debate Over Whether Or Not The Boston Bomber Deserves The Death Penalty.


A federal jury has sentenced him to death, but Dzhokhar Tsarnaev must still appear before a Boston Judge to officially receive his sentence this Thursday. Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, two senior Federalist writers debate whether or not the Boston Bomber deserves the death penalty.

Neal Dewing argues that for the good of the social order the man, who killed 3 and injured 250 more, must die. But an execution won’t deter future terrorists or bring back the dead, Daniel Payne responds. A death penalty will only quench an unjust thirst for vengeance.

The two exchange philosophical, political, and religious salvos in this interesting and exciting debate.

Later in the program, F. Bill McMorris joins Ben for a lively discussion of the Vatican’s recent encyclical on climate change.

To listen to the debate, click here, or use the embedded clip below.