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On Federalist Radio, Coulter Says Trump Candidacy Key To Immigration Question

Ben speaks with Ann Coulter about her new book, ‘Adios America!’, and spars with the bestselling author about her views on immigration.


On The Federalist Radio Hour today, “Adios America” author Ann Coulter said that Donald Trump is an important addition to the 2016 field because he brings the topic of immigration front and center.

“He may be the only way a question about immigration will ever, ever come up in a presidential debate,” Coulter said.

Coulter said that while Trump will not be the presidential nominee, that he brings the immigration issue front and center to a field that would prefer to avoid it entirely.

“[Donald Trump] will force the issue,” Coulter said. “That’s such a huge part of his opening statement, that’s such a huge part of his campaign – ‘I will bring the jobs back, I will protect the border.’ … The only way they can avoid it is keep him out of the debates.”

“I have to be for him, just for the conversation,” Coulter said.

The New York Times bestselling author also said she doesn’t think, absent Trump’s presence, that any immigration question will be asked of the other candidates.

“It will never be asked about in a debate unless I’m allowed to ask a question,” Coulter said.

Listen by clicking here, or using the embedded link below.