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9 Brands That Are Clueless About #GoodFriday


Good Friday is the day Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It’s filled with solemn processions, somber services, and penitent souls.

Or, you know, gum and makeup. Here are some brands who get hashtag marketing, even if they don’t quite get the day itself.

1. Energy Gum

So you can make it through all the Stations of the Cross without falling asleep. Classy.

2. Nothing Says Piety Like Cleavage


3. Good Friday Workout

Because your body is a temple.

4. Gold Earphones

Like Jesus would have worn.

5. Good Friday Essentials

Just because you’re mourning the death of the savior of the universe doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.

6. Nail Polish

Jesus will judge you if your nail game is not on fleek.

7) Hand Vacuum

To clean up all our sins? Maybe?

8. Wrangler Today

@WranglerToday is totes adorbs and the ears are a nice touch, but maybe not the hashtag?

9. Muscular Squidward

SpongeBobedness is next to godliness.