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FOUND: Hillary’s Lost E-Mails

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton allegedly used a personal e-mail account to skirt federal document retention requirements. But we’ve recovered some of those e-mails.


According to a blockbuster report in the New York Times, which can be sourced to the House GOP committee investigating the Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton never used an official e-mail address while serving as Secretary of State. Instead, she used a personal e-mail address from a domain to conduct all official business. There’s a word to describe the practice of circumventing federal document retention requirements, and that word rhymes with illegal.

However, due in large part to the marvel of modern technology, we here at The Federalist have managed to recover a small number of e-mails that Hillary received while serving as U.S. Secretary of State. These e-mails, which encompass personal communications from her husband, to discussions of foreign policy strategy, are nothing short of shocking. Here they are in their entirety.