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Cruz on Clinton: U.S. Leaders Shouldn’t Be On Payroll Of Foreign Nations

Ted Cruz says cronyism is a big enough problem in government, but no president or secretary of state should be taking cash from foreign governments.


At a meeting with reporters covering the Conservative Political Action Conference, Sen. Ted. Cruz reacted to news that foreign governments gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton headed President Barack Obama’s State Department.

“The record of Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton foundation of taking millions of dollars from governments all over world, is real cause for concern,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today at CPAC.

The Washington Post reported that Clinton’s foundation took “millions of dollars from seven foreign governments” while serving as the country’s secretary of state. The Post reported that some of these donations from foreign governments were allowed by President Obama.

Ethics agreements or not, these arrangements are “a manifestation of the crony capitalism that we have seen for decades,” Cruz said, an a great example of why Americans are “frustrated out of their minds with Washington.”

Such crony capitalism infects career politicians in both parties, he said, adding that personal profits for public service come at a time when politicians increase debt and oversee declines in liberty.

Still, Cruz suggested that the cronyism of the Clintons was deserving of special concern, saying Americans shouldn’t have a candidate whose husband was making millions of dollars giving speeches to foreign companies and governments while she served as secretary of state. “I don’t think our secretary of state or president should be on the payroll of foreign nations,” he said.

Cruz believes Clinton is likely to be the Democratic nominee for president, which he says is great news for Republicans. “Bill [Clinton] is genuinely more moderate than Obama but Hillary [Clinton] is as radical as Obama,” he said. Any Republican worth his or her salt will be able to tie Clinton and her Hillarycare program to “the train wreck that is Obamacare.” The Republican Party has suffered electorally when it’s seen as “a bunch of rich, out-of-touch aristocrats who don’t give flip about working men and women,” he said, and the Clintons will suffer far more as people who embody corruption, having made hundreds of millions of dollars by exploiting their government service.