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A Sex Week For The Rest Of Us

Colleges set aside something called “Sex Week,” where they bring in sex toy dealers and porn stars to troll campus conservatives. We do it differently.


Every year, across the country, colleges and universities set aside something they call “Sex Week”, where they bring in sex toy dealers, libido experts, and experienced porn stars to lectures (and, the faculty hopes, after parties!) and events discussing all things sexual. Often it’s a way for liberal tenured academics to try and troll campus conservatives.

But in a time when talk of sex doesn’t bring to mind anything fun, but rather false rape allegations, slut walks, lonely masturbation sessions, affirmative consent bureaucracies, trigger warnings, gender bashing, mansplaining, vagina soliloquys and all sorts of other modern ills, isn’t it time we talked about the good things about sex? It’s important and good, and not just in a survival of the species sort of way.

Discussions of sex couldn’t be more impoverished these days. On the one hand you have endless groupthink-heavy colloquys of every bizarre sexual particularity, no matter how few people it affects or how harmful said practices and behaviors might be. On the other hand you have moralizing killjoys who — understandably, sure — look at such fringe extremists with disdain.

What gets left out is any discussion of fun and healthy sex, as well as the very real sexual problems many of us face each day — in relationships and due to the absence of same.

At The Federalist this week we’ll be publishing a series of articles on sex, with views from men and women, and more than one take on what’s promising to be one of the year’s most un-titillating films: Fifty Shades of Grey. We’ll be doing less of “How to be a Gentleman AND Get Laid,” “Negotiating Successful Threesomes,” and “O-Face Oral,” — to quote three lecture titles from one public universities desperate attempt to get butts in seats — and more thoughtful pieces about knocking boots.

To start us off we have Heather Wilhelm’s excellent “Sex Tips For Crazies: Wading Into The Wild World Of Cosmo,” in which she and her husband try out the sex tips from the most recent issue of the magazine that has crushed the self esteem of millions of women and given them horrible ideas about how to please men. Joining her is Rachel Lu’s countercultural take about risky sex and true intimacy, “Baby-Making Sex Is The Hottest Kind.”

Here at The Federalist, we talk about sex a lot as is. Join us this week for some additional fun and deep-thinking about, well, you know — dancing in the sheets, horizontal refreshments, the beast with two backs, Blitzkrieg mit dem fleischgewehr, gland to gland combat, and more.