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Read All The E-mails Between UVA and Rolling Stone

The University of Virginia just released 104 pages worth of correspondence between it and Rolling Stone. Read all the e-mails here.


Pursuant to a public records request filed by The Federalist, the University of Virginia (UVA) released 104 pages worth of correspondence between Rolling Stone and UVA late this afternoon. The e-mails comprise everything from interview and scheduling details to specific fact-checking requests from Rolling Stone editors.

In one e-mail between Elisabeth Garber-Paul, a Rolling Stone fact-checker, and Anthony Paul de Bruyn, a UVA official, de Bruyn told the fact-checker point-blank that several of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s claims were “in fact objectively false.” The specific claims were regarding a 2014 assault case that occurred in Spring of 2014.

“It has been brought to our attention by a few students that Sabrina [Rubin Erdely] has spoken to that she is referencing an incident where a male student raped three different women and received a one-year suspension” de Bruyn wrote. “That is in fact objectively false.”

“As I told Sabrina at the time, federal privacy laws prohibit us from disclosing details of any sexual assault report, so we can’t say more,” he concluded.

In other e-mails, Erdely bristled when told she would not be given a private, one-on-one meeting with Teresa Sullivan, the UVA president.

“I do hope that my interview with President Sullivan will be one-on-one,” she wrote, “as I don’t generally conduct interviews with PR people sitting in.”

Her complaints continued in a separate e-mail to UVA officials.

“As for the presence of other people during the interview: If that’s the only way I’ll be allowed to talk to President Sullivan, then so be it,” Erdely wrote. “But I imagine a university president is fully capable of getting through a phone conversation on her own, without help.”

And Rolling Stone’s readers probably imagined that the magazine was capable of confirming whether an alleged rapist actually existed before writing a 9,000-word expose about his exploits.

You can read through the full correspondence between Rolling Stone and UVA officials here. The documents are also embedded below.

Rolling Stone-UVA E-mails