Titus Techera
Titus Techera
Titus Techera is a graduate student in political science and liberal arts, a Publius fellow, and a roving writer for Ricochet and National Review Online.
In ‘Coco,’ Hollywood Says Family Identity Is Better Than Celebrity

The central conflict opposes loyalty in love to a dangerous individualism. Who would have thought that Hollywood would take on celebrity culture?

‘Jim And Andy’ Underscores The Almost Forgotten Life And Times Of Jim Carrey

Comedy is not what it was, and neither is Jim Carrey, but he has emerged as the bane of Hollywood pretension and American celebrity worship.

Netflix’s ‘Punisher’ Uses A Blue-Collar Hero To Heap Scorn On America

Netflix can be happy that after duds like ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘The Defenders’ they’ve returned to something gritty that works without ridiculous fairy tales.

Mike Judge’s ‘Tales From The Tour Bus’ Ruminates On America’s Fascination With Celebrity

‘Tales from the Tour Bus’ is an animated series Mike Judge has produced for Cinemax, about the stars of country music from the ‘50s onward.

‘American Made’ Is A Disconnected Rumination On The American Character

If you see the movie, you’ll see there is something amazing about how it helps a man grow up to learn he cannot get away with everything forever.

Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters’ Is A Masterpiece, But Incomplete

‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is when Spielberg switched from his early career, which was heavy on horror and terror, to the genial magician America has come to know and love.

In Storytelling, ‘The Defenders’ Is Prestige Television At Its Worst

The new Netflix-Marvel series asks interesting questions about human dignity, but falls into individualism and identity politics instead of answering them.

‘The Defenders’ Substitutes Politics For Storytelling, And The Result Is Boring

This is the level of writing in prestige television in its golden age: preemptive declarations of liberal grievances instead of a real plot.

‘Comrade Detective’ Is A Double Agent For A Pro-America Perspective

The main characters in ‘Comrade Detective’ play enforcers for a totalitarian tyranny, but you cannot distinguish their lines from those of latter-day irate progressives.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Is The Ugliest Show On Television. That’s Why We Love It

In our post-therapeutic culture, we’ve become obsessed with evil, decay, and corruption. That’s why we love ‘Game of Thrones.’

Marvel’s New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Portrays The Ideal American Millennial

This new ‘Spider-Man’ has none of the sweetness of the old comics or movies, none of the suffering—but all the gadgets and heroism audiences want.

For Summer Flicks, You Can’t Beat The 1953 POW Comedy ‘Stalag 17’

‘Stalag 17’ is a weird name and a weird movie. You’re in for a great surprise: an Oscar-winning all-American movie utterly without imitation.

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Is Mediocre, And That’s What Makes It Great

Because of their strong, simple moral themes, critics refuse to respect the honest work and ingenuity put into the ‘Transformers’ series.

‘The Mummy’ Reminds Us To Step Back From The Abyss

Tom Cruise’s summer blockbuster offers horror, romance, and an all-American hero—but it also has a strong message regarding the death cult of individualism.

‘Alien: Covenant’ Shows How Being Nice Can Be Suicidal

Had the crew in ‘Alien: Covenant’ included a couple of gloomy, maladjusted types, and had they listened to any of them, things would have gone better.

Let’s Face It: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Is Simply Movie Therapy

In watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ you know for sure that the good guys will win at no cost to themselves or anyone who matters. That’s not a good movie. It’s cheap therapy.

The Ghost Of Peter Thiel Haunts Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’

‘Silicon Valley’ shows the toxic culture of conformism that crushes innovation—and suggests, both by wit and vulgarity, that our best ally is the people.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Shows The Dangers Of Masculine Populism

Vin Diesel is the Sylvester Stallone of this generation, and the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise is his ‘Rocky.’

Why Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Remake Is Such A Failure

After the opening weekend, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is a significant failure for everyone involved: actress, studio, and the Japanese anime genre. It’s not just a financial, but an artistic and imaginative failure.

Why ‘Kubo And The Two Strings’ Deserves An Oscar

The boy Kubo is grieving—not in psychological stages, but in song, threnody. Kubo must undertake a spiritual journey, risking his sanity to learn how to live like a human being and poet.