Titus Techera
Titus Techera
Titus Techera is the executive director of the American Cinema Foundation and a contributor to National Review Online, Catholic World Report, University Bookman, American Conservative, and Modern Age.
By ‘The Week Of,’ Adam Sandler’s Star Has Dimmed, Leaving A Vacuum In Comedy

We might get rid of Adam Sandler, but we will need his understanding of providence again, or else our entertainment will turn to despair.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Perfectly Captures The Despair That Marks America In 2018

The Avengers, like us, have good intentions. But they aren’t really good. And we don’t really believe we are either.

‘Westworld’ Questions Whether The American Idea Can Survive The Future

The mix of hi-tech and the Wild West seems strange at first, but actually works. It’s Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ wrapped into one.

Alfie Evans’ State-Sanctioned Murder Is A Call To Action Against Barbarity

What we the people understand about life and our duties to defend human dignity is being challenged and found wanting.

Vast Asteroid’s ‘Encrypted’ Sings Of Finding Grace Again

It’s a song of faith, but it does not go forth to conquer the world, to enslave fans and enlist them into idolatry.

‘A Quiet Place’ Unravels Our Deepest Fears About Giving Children Life

It’s not about individualism, it’s not about rugged heroes or implausible survivors—it’s about a mother, a father, and their children. All the fear stems from our need to protect what we love the most.

Ricky Gervais’s ‘Humanity’ Pinpoints The Secret Of Bringing Americans Together Again

His new Netflix show attacks progressive pieties more shamelessly than anything available in America, and is far likelier to reach liberal audiences than anything conservatives do.

50 Years Ago, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Outlined An Enduring Cosmic Vision

A year before the moon landing, man’s greatest achievement of space exploration so far, Stanley Kubrick gave us the first and still most impressive vision of our cosmic destiny.

In Panic Over Liberal Backlash, Mark Zuckerberg Goes To Washington

Mark Zuckerberg gave this interview because he’s in trouble. Liberals who used to love him are now terrified that Facebook is brainwashing people and helping Russians steal elections.

‘Take Your Pills’ Exposes Troubling Tie Between America’s Work Addiction And Meds

We want success, and productive work requires focus. If you’re a rich kid micro-dosing amphetamines for school or career advantage, that’s rewarded.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Perfectly Embodies The #MeToo Era

She has super-powers, sure, but not even that can protect a woman from the evils of men.

Why We Need The Oscars, Even Though The Show Gets Worse Every Single Year

What’s bad for the Oscars really is bad for America. Movies are far more important for our sense of right and wrong than we like to admit.

Chris Rock’s Netflix Special ‘Tamborine’ Shows A Comedian Losing His Touch

The millionaire lifestyle and its problems have caught up to Chris Rock, and it’s hard to find what he might have in common with people who play tamborine to his lead vocals.

‘Black Panther’s’ Achievement Is Offering A Black Hero Who Lives In Freedom

Yes, America, this is a story about the legacy of black pride and the civil rights struggle after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Squanders Its Potential To Examine Key Questions

The show, made after a series by British author Richard Morgan, is an indictment of a future where the wealthy are immortal through buying themselves new bodies.

’12 Strong’ Is A Fascinating Look At What Makes American War-Fighting Unique

Here we have a bunch of cowboys conducting ancient-style warfare with the help of space technology.

Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan Dies At Age 46

It is a serendipitous fact that O’Riordan is named Dolores, which means pain, because she put art into making suffering humane.

The 3 Best Movies Of 2017

These are the best movies out of Hollywood this year. They are not happy stories, but they all testify to the importance of nobility in times when humanity seems in danger.

Why You Will Enjoy Watching This 1945 Christmas Comedy

‘Christmas in Connecticut’ has not just fun and beauty to recommend it, but also a great range and serious insights into American society.

Why Americans Are In Love With ‘The Crown’

Why should America, by vocation and war a republic, love a show about the British monarchy? It is not merely the great success of the show, but the alternative, too, that we should consider.