Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
After working in Republican politics in Minnesota, Nicole Russell moved near Washington, DC and began her journalism career. Her work has appeared in the The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. She was the 2010 recipient of the American Spectator's Young Journalist Award and she resides in northern Virginia with her four kids. Follow her on Twitter @russell_nm.
Based On ‘Discrimination’ Law, Iowa Jury Awards Trans Woman $120,000, Access To Male Prison Facilities

A jury in Iowa has concluded that the state discriminated against a prison nurse in not letting her use the bathrooms with male employees or paying for a double mastectomy.

Even If You Aren’t Jeff Bezos, Don’t Give In To Blackmail

Revenge porn is devastating, but that doesn’t mean you have to capitulate. Make your extortionist pay the price for his evil deeds, just like Jeff Bezos did.

Federal Court: University Of Iowa Illegally Discriminated Against Christian Student Groups

Court documents revealed the public university kept a ‘watch list’ of student groups on probation. All of the groups on the list were religious.

Lying To Women About The ‘Pay Gap’ Undermines Our Freedom And Creativity

Not only is the bill based on a false premise—there isn’t a wage gap, there’s a choice gap—women are usually making choices about their job so they can also raise a family.

Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For All The Popular Diets Right Now

Trying to make changes this year? Or hosting friends and family on a diet? This list might come in handy.

IIhan Omar’s Rise Demonstrates What’s So Twisted About Identity Politics

Elected to replace a far-left Democrat for nothing more than her ethnicity, ideology, and sex, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar exemplifies how identity politics unfolds in real life.

Fifth Circuit Allows Texas To Pull Taxpayer Funds From Planned Parenthood Over Human Body Part Trafficking Videos

Several years later, the effect of the Center for Medical Progress’s videos are still rippling through the legal and cultural debate on abortion.

5 Key Takeaways From The Parkland School Shooting Report

Following the Parkland shooting, a federal commission investigated how we can reduce school shootings and look for potential perpetrator warning signs.

5 Things Facebook Statuses Can Tell Us About The Pursuit Of Happiness

In case it’s hard for you to start a new year, it might help to see what our language and habits tell us about when we are happy, why we are happy, and even how to get happy.

After One More Patreon Ban, Jordan Peterson And Dave Rubin Are Starting Their Own

The atheist intellectual Sam Harris is one of Patreon’s top-earning users. He, Dave Rubin, and Jordan Peterson have abandoned the platform over its capricious ban on another user.

Women Find Internet Algorithms Completely Insensitive To Their Grief Over Losing A Baby

Algorithms help women celebrate babies on the way, but when that baby is miscarried or stillborn, they seem to magnify the pain.

Virginia School Board Fires Teacher For Not Using Transgender Pronouns

Peter Vlaming lost his job because, although he agreed to use the transgender student’s opposite-sex name, he refused to use transgender pronouns.

5 Things We’ve Learned About The Parkland Shooting You Won’t Hear From Most Media

After the shooting last year, the media pushed a gun narrative. In the year following, that myth has been dispelled and then some.

Meet Lauren Daigle, The Christian Artist Whose New Album Put Her On The Pop Charts

Lauren Daigle is finding impressive commercial success as a Christian artist. So who is she, and how is this former ‘American Idol’ contestant finding success in the music industry as a devoted Christian?

5 Things Men Can Learn From ‘Vikings’s’ Ragnar Lothbrok

Lessons from the life of the show’s most compelling character apply to any man who wrestles with his vices and virtues.

Twitter Permanently Bans Feminist For Writing That ‘Men Aren’t Women’

Months after Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said his platform didn’t take sides, his platform is not only taking sides but becoming more progressive and Orwellian than ever.

Five Takeaways From Mike Rowe’s Speech About Work In America

‘We have to stop telling kids to blindly follow their passion and show them the opportunities that exist.’

Pamela Anderson Says Today’s Feminism Is A Total ‘Bore’

If Anderson, who made her living touting her sexuality and capitalizing on everything feminism initially promised, thinks this way, feminism really is on a downward spiral.

Trump Admin Cements Little Sisters’ Exemption To The Contraceptive Mandate

For now, the Little Sisters of the Poor can stop defending themselves against unnecessary litigation that attempted to force nuns, of all blessed people, to pay for birth control.

5 Pieces Of Advice For New Moms Like Kate Upton

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander just welcomed their new baby into the world. Here’s some advice from experienced mothers to couples with or expecting a newborn.