Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
After working in Republican politics in Minnesota, Nicole Russell moved near Washington, DC and began her journalism career. Her work has appeared in the The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. She was the 2010 recipient of the American Spectator's Young Journalist Award and she resides in northern Virginia with her four kids. Follow her on Twitter @russell_nm.
The New Yorker Publishes Hate Piece Against Chick-fil-A’s Christian Ethos

Liberals can’t stand the success of a Christian-run company selling folks fried chicken sandwiches successfully with a smile.

Hawaii Becomes Seventh State To Legalize Doctor-Assisted Self-Murder

Hawaii is now the seventh U.S. jurisdiction to make physician-assisted suicide legal. Its new self-murder law takes effect next year.

It’s Beyond Disgusting That Republicans Haven’t Cut Planned Parenthood’s Subsidies Yet

Republicans yet again voted to fund an organization that aborts babies and spends taxpayer dollars to boot conservatives from office. What gives?

3 Key Takeaways From SCOTUS Arguments Over Forcing Pregnancy Centers To Advertise Abortions

Based on oral arguments, even the liberal justices didn’t like a law that discriminates against pro-life pregnancy clinics.

What 13 Women Told The Supreme Court About Their Crisis Pregnancies

A powerful amicus brief seeks to bring humanity to a complex legal question about free speech overlaid with the also-controversial issue of abortion.

Universities Keep Kicking Christian Groups Off Campus In Violation Of Their Rights

College administrators keep throwing Christian groups off campuses in violation of their rights, sending a chilling message to the rest of us.

Law Students Labeling Christina Hoff Sommers ‘Fascist’ Is What’s Wrong With Our Campuses

Social justice warriors masquerading as law school students proved themselves to be ignorant and intolerant.

The Five Most Bizarre Tidbits From An Interview Trying To Humanize Cecile Richards

Richards is the president of an organization that actively dehumanizes both the women it purports to serve and the babies aborted there.

Wheaton College Wins Huge Court Battle Over Obama’s Birth Control Mandate

Another judge signaled a win for religious liberty by barring the federal government from forcing the christian school to pay for employee birth control.

Ohio Judge Strips Custody From Parents For Not Letting Daughter Take Trans Hormones

This is a major setback for advocates of parental rights and religious freedom.

The Heroes Of The Stoneman High Shooting Demonstrated True Courage and Sacrificial Love

Teachers, students and coaches demonstrated true courage sacrificial love when faced with incomprehensible evil.

Despite Anti-Motherhood Messages, More Women Are Prioritizing Kids

Advocates of 50/50 sex parity everywhere leave one important thing out: Who will care for the children?

7 Ways Planned Parenthood Breaks Hearts Every Day

Donating to an organization that proudly aborts babies is far more heartbreaking than a Planned Parenthood fundraising prank about Mike Pence.

While Mainstream Media Applauds North Korea, Mike Pence Throws Some Shade

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence refused to stand during the ‘unified Koreas’ opening march at the Olympics Friday. The rest of the world should have followed suit.

Summary Study Finds Biological, Sex-Based Origins For How Children Express Gender

A meta-analysis published in the Infant and Child Development Journal found gender isn’t just a social construct, but has its basis in a ‘biological origin.’

Bright Spot: Gerber Picks Boy With Down Syndrome As 2018 Gerber Baby

The choice is important, and it’s nice to see a company value all life, not just the lives of babies who look like portraitures.

Smears Against Nikki Haley Prove Michael Wolff Is A Scumbag

Michael Wolff’s behavior cheapens politics, ideological debate, and women like Nikki Haley, who do well at both. He needs to be shut down.

Women Hurting After Working For Planned Parenthood Turn Here For Help

Cecile Richards is leaving behind more than 3 million aborted fetuses as she steps down from Planned Parenthood. Other staff are seeking help.

How The Women’s March Hurts The Women They’re Trying To Promote

If the women’s march wants to continue to be effective, they may want to consider elevating the language of the debate, to ensure accuracy and persuade.

After Lawsuits, FEMA Stops Discriminating Against Religious Relief Organizations

FEMA is now accepting disaster aid applications through February 4 from houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Harvey.