Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein, a former U.S. Department of State speechwriter, is an independent writer in Washington DC and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, National Review Online, and RealClearPolitics, among others. She has appeared on EWTN and WMAL. Melissa shares all of her writing on her website and tweets as @slowhoneybee.
The Iran Protests Present An Opportunity To Teach Kids About Tyranny

While many news cycles over the last two years have not been G-rated, this is one where I hope children are watching. And let’s be honest, they’re always watching.

5 Thoughts On The Furor Over The White House’s Hanukkah Party

Because it was Donald Trump’s first Hanukkah party, we’re supposed to be inflamed by the White House’s supposed hostility to American Jewry. Please.

This Progressive 1970s Kids Album Sounds Reactionary Now, But Should It?

Social norms have changed so completely that what was radical in 1972 more closely approximates the cultural right than the cultural left in 2017.

5 Thoughts On Lena Dunham’s Reaction To Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

Lena Dunham: ‘A solid 10 friends texted me triggered by Kylie pregnancy. I’m like ‘ladies she’s 20. We were all v fertile then, we were just broke.’’

Our Perpetual Political War Is Poisoning Us

Media coverage, and punditry in particular, has become blatantly skewed toward provocation, rather than persuasion. This is a loss for democracy and our shared humanity.

Judd Apatow, Stop Fooling Yourself. You’re Conservative

The film director throws out a lot of stereotypical views about conservative ideas, but deep down, he thinks and acts much like the rest of us.

Yes, Motherhood Is A Privilege, But It’s Exactly The Opposite Of Selfish

Unlike Karen Rinaldi, I don’t believe motherhood is selfish. If anything, parenthood may be the world’s longest and most intense self-improvement class.

What Happens When Jews And Christians Throw An Israel Celebration Party

As a Jew, it was an incredibly uplifting experience to be in a convention hall brimming with positive spiritual energy and support.

11 Ways To Save The Planet Without Shrinking Your Family

If you’re interested in being green while also being fruitful and multiplying, and reversing our record low birth rate, here’s a list that isn’t anti-family.

Finally, There’s A Name For The Generation Between Gen X And Millennials

I’m honestly not sure why it took the world so long to discover that people like me exist, or that we’ve long been miscategorized as members of Gen X.

Unless Feminism Doesn’t Support Women’s Choices, Charlotte York Is Not Anti-Feminist

A Marie Claire writer insists ‘Sex and the City’ character Charlotte York is an ‘anti-feminist.’ This just goes to show how narrow minded and dour feminism can be.

In ‘4:44,’ Jay-Z Raps A Father’s Perspective On Infertility

Jay and Bey are helping others on fertility journeys know they’re not alone. For those facing setbacks on the road to building a family, that in itself is meaningful.

Looking For A Radical Solution To Bitter Politics? Teach Your Kids Manners

No one has to agree with House Speaker Paul Ryan, or any other member of Congress for that matter. But what ever happened to basic manners?

Why You Should Consider Starting Your Family Earlier Than You’re Planning

You’re never too young to meet your future spouse. And start your family while you’re still young, because it only gets harder with age.

What Brad Pitt Could Learn From Prince Harry About Life’s Tragedies

Sometimes, celebrities are open and vulnerable to a fault. GQ Magazine’s recent interview with Brad Pitt definitely falls into that category.

Second Lady Karen Pence Opens Up About Her Struggles With Infertility

‘I didn’t care about fame or fortune, big house, fancy career, nice car—none of that has ever been important to me. I just wanted to be a mom.’

SNL Trashes Ivanka For Taking The High Road And Supporting Her Father

For Ivanka, family clearly comes before any political differences she may have with her father. Which means the public shaming will continue.

The Real Anachronism In ‘Victoria’ Is Skerrett’s Refusal To Marry Francatelli

When Mr. Francatelli asks Miss Skerrett to marry him, she demurs, then declines. It would be one thing if she didn’t like him, but she clearly does.

We Shouldn’t Only Care About Anti-Semitism When Trump Is President

Anti-Semitism is an objective evil. Basing concern or comment on the politics of the perpetrators is ridiculous and unjust.

How To Protect Your Infant In A World Of Anti-Vaxxers

Thanks to anti-vaxxers, we could see an outbreak of measles, ‘one of the most contagious and most lethal of all human diseases,’ this year. Protect your kids.