VIDEO: Mary Katharine Slams Media Coverage Of Parkland Students

VIDEO: Mary Katharine Slams Media Coverage Of Parkland Students

In a segment on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that aired Wednesday afternoon, Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham slammed the 24/7 media coverage of the Parkland survivors pushing for increased gun control while ignoring students who have other opinions.

“We also have had 24/7 coverage of these students who have asked for those things,” Ham said, of students many news outlets have featured prominently for their pro-gun control stance. “And not nearly as much coverage of those students who have other thoughts on this. That is part of what is pushing this.”

Ham said the national conversation, driven by media coverage of the tragedy, has deluded people into thinking there will be a huge change on gun laws.

“A lot of people are being sold a bill of goods, that there’s going to be some giant national change,” Ham said. “There may be changes. I think the bump stock legislative fix as opposed to regulatory is something the NRA is not super fond of, but most people in Congress would be A-Okay with. Dick’s Sporting Goods, for instance, is getting a lot of credit for something it basically did after Sandy Hook. It’s the same decision basically announced again with 35 more stores.”

She explained the attention Dick’s Sporting Goods received for its policy change on gun sales is because gun control advocates didn’t pay attention to their policy until now.

“People who are in favor of gun control don’t follow these things as closely as people who are in favor of gun rights,” she continued. “So people who are in favor of gun rights knew that Dick’s Sporting Goods did this a long time ago. Many of them stopped shopping there as a result. So they were not allowed to make that fly with them. But that intensity problem is the problem that gun control advocates face every time. It may be evening up for the moment. The question is whether that is sustainable.”

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