Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry is the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois.
Tom Petty’s Top 12 Greatest Songs Of All Time

In 2014, Tom Petty was responsible for one out of every 40 rock songs heard on the radio. That likely has not changed much.

Illegal Immigrants Shout Down Nancy Pelosi At Promotional DREAMer Press Conference

After approximately a half-hour of shouting, when it became clear the protesters had no intention of relenting, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was forced to leave the event

The Joe Arpaio Pardon Was Trump-Level Political Theater From Top To Bottom

Capricious, politically motivated, and generating more heat than light, it was a thoroughly Trumpian pardon.

The Group Of Workers Most Like Trump Voters May Despise Them Most

Their industry is under siege. Advances in technology have cut deeply into their margins. They face competition from robots and cheap, non-union labor. Many shops have been closed.

We’ll Forget About ESPN’s Woes Soon, But Not For Long

The politicization of ESPN — and sports media generally — is both a symptom of larger problems and a problem in itself.

How Millennials’ Experience With Boomers’ Broken Institutions Affects The Right

What should we make of Bill O’Reilly’s generational appeal, both in style and substance? How much of that appeal translates to younger generations of the non-Left, and why?

Watch Monty Python Eviscerate The Women’s March 38 Years Before It Happened

It may be up to a British comedy troupe to demonstrate the basic political problem of left-wing interest groups such as the Women’s March on Washington.

Ten Years Later, Critics Still Love—And Misunderstand—’Children of Men’

The critical adoration for ‘Children of Men’ is largely misplaced. The movie is technically brilliant, but fails even as the sort of political agitprop its admirers would like it to be.

Why The New York Times’s Resolution For More Accurate Reporting Is Doomed

The problem with these mea culpas and modified, limited hang-outs is that anyone familiar with the history of The New York Times has seen this movie before.

Democrats Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight, And They Still Lost

Writers who claim that Republicans used belligerent tactics during the 2016 election should take a closer look at President Obama’s track record.

‘Dumb News’ Shows Why The Culture Wars Aren’t A Giant Waste Of Time

If you fear losing a job for crossing whatever the bleeding edge of political correctness is at any given moment, these stories are not dumb.

Liberals Adored Trump When He Was Winning The GOP Primary

Progressives spent the primaries castigating Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and suggesting that Bill Clinton’s conduct toward women was ‘far worse’ than Trump’s.

Politico Ignores Jewish Conservatives’ Trump Opposition To Hide The Left’s Race Problem

Ben Wofford and his editors at Politico have little excuse for not knowing that many Jewish conservative writers have condemned Trump. But they do have a reason.

Pundits Trivialized Politics Before They Politicized ESPN

It is cheaper to produce television shows discussing the news than to produce traditional journalism at a world-class level.

Jeb Bush’s Hispanic Problem is Republicans’ Hispanic Problem

Establishment attempts to steamroll the Republican grassroots on immigration have been as counterproductive for the GOP as Donald Trump’s approach threatens to be.

Republicans Have A Samantha Bee Problem, Too

It’s the cultural progressivism we’ve grown immune to over the past 50 years.

The Left Has Cried Wolf On Republicans So Long Trump Is Immune

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza can’t recall ‘a consistent drumbeat of accusations about racism, sexism, demagoguery or facism’ before Trump. I can.

How To Get ‘Crooked Hillary’ To Finally Stick

The Clintons are perhaps the most adept politicians at scandal response ever. Donald Trump should not just rely on his negative branding tactic, but expose their scandal playbook.

Are We Living 1968 All Over Again?

Race wars, gun control, political corruption, riots, campus protests, and shootings: It’s hard to tell if we’re in 2016 or 1968.

Americans Are As Deluded As Our Elites

The decades-long decline of trust in American institutions coincides with a decades-long increase in the progressivism of our institutions. Yet Americans keep voting for the outcomes they hate.