Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois. He is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.
Abolishing The Supreme Court Isn’t The Left’s Most Extreme Idea For Weaponizing Courts

Democrats embrace the basic tenet that judging is simply another form of politics. This embrace echoes the rise of the politicized life on the left.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘The Road Less Traveled’ And ‘Faith’

Starbuck survives a mutiny, allies with Cylons, and receives a prophecy affecting humans and Cylons alike.

Why Darth Vader Is The Archetypal Liberal Fascist

It’s no wonder Anakin Skywalker would think to resolve political conflicts by conversion or coercion instead of tolerance and persuasion.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘The Ties That Bind’ And ‘Escape Velocity’

The Cylons plunge into civil war while Tyrol, Tigh, and Tory process the revelation they too are Cylons, with a fatal consequence.

The New York Times Stealth-Edited The First Draft Of History On Brett Kavanaugh

Michael Smerconish noticed something odd about The New York Times coverage of a new allegation: A sentence undermining the accuser’s story had been deleted. 

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘He That Believeth In Me’ And ‘Six of One’

Season Four begins in a space battle between humans and Cylons, but the real drama comes from conflicts of faith within both camps.

Beto O’Rourke’s Lazy Air Drumming Suggests A Low-Energy Performer

Even a small dog, with only minimal human assistance, more credibly approximates this classic Phil Collins fill from ‘In The Air Tonight’ than Beto O’Rourke manages on ‘Baba O’Riley.’

What Journalists Want From Media Billionaires: Lots Of Money, No Influence

Journos seem to want the people running successful businesses to give them trucks full of money, but stay entirely out of their way.

Huge Spikes In Democrat Voter Turnout Across The Country Should Alarm The GOP

In state after state, Democrats have been swarming the polls and swamping GOP turnout increases.

Trying To Make Bert And Ernie Gay Makes LGBT Activists Look Insecure

Once upon a time, the idea that Bert and Ernie were not merely roommates but shacking up was borne of immature humor that would be condemned in many quarters today.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘Crossroads’ (Parts 1 And 2)

Season Three concludes with Baltar’s trial and shocking discoveries on the path to Earth.

Rahm Emanuel’s Decline Mirrors The Democratic Party’s Identity Crisis

The party is a shrunken core of holdover urban machine politicians being overtaken by an activist base on the far left.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘Maelstrom’ And ‘The Son Also Rises’

As the series approaches the Season Three finale, Starbuck and Apollo take dramatic turns.

Democrats Have Very Good Reasons To Go Crazy Over Kavanaugh

Republicans are on the verge of moving the Supreme Court rightward in a way seemingly unthinkable since President Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘A Day In The Life’ And ‘Dirty Hands’

The deteriorating condition of the fleet after its many battles and escapes is a quiet, growing threat in these two episodes.

The Vatican Is Using Bill Clinton’s Playbook To Defend Pope Francis

The Vatican and its defenders seem to believe they can ride out the current child abuse scandal with the Clinton playbook in a #MeToo era.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘Taking A Break from All Your Worries’ And ‘The Woman King’

While Roslin and Adama decide Baltar’s fate, two stand-alone episodes delve deeper into the personal lives of Apollo and Helo.

Is Careless Talk About Socialism How We Get President Elizabeth Warren?

The right needs to be precise in its language when it attacks socialism or the social welfare state, and careful to educate voters.

Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: ‘The Eye of Jupiter’ And ‘Rapture’

The second half of Season Three weaves together the key elements of the series: religious mythos, sci-fi action, and character-driven conflict.

Democrats Are Fielding Even More Anti-Semitic Candidates For Congress

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib is representative of the Democratic Party’s march beyond the embrace of candidates who criticize Israeli policy or its current government to a much uglier place.