Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois. He is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.
Will Joe Biden’s Black Support Squash ‘Identity Politics’ In 2020?

To beat Biden, someone will have to attract a critical mass of not only the Democrats’ ‘upstairs’ pool, but also the party’s nonwhite voters, particularly blacks.

Coverage Of Valerie Plame’s Run For Congress Ignores Her Anti-Semitism

Apparently yet another anti-Semite is running for Congress and it’s not ‘all of the news that’s fit to print’ so long as the anti-Semite is a Democrat.

AOC, Bernie Sanders Want Post Office To Be A ‘Public Option’ For Banking

Given the history of postal banking in America and the decline of the Postal Service since, creating a ‘public option’ would likely require giving the government unfair advantages.

AOC’s Insistence Americans Care About Climate Change Heavily Distorts The Polling

Last month’s Gallup poll found climate change was the ninth most important issue, coming in at a mere 3 percent. That result also combines climate change with the environment and pollution.

Kicking People Off Online Platforms Is About Control, Not Free Speech

Big Media, run by the establishment, invariably seeks to marginalize and curate conservatism on their platforms. This debate used to be about broadcast TV; now it is about social media.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘Beware the Gray Ghost’

In this animated ‘Batman’ episode, Adam West plays an actor typecast as a masked hero in a commentary on fandom.

Late-Night TV Writers Know They’re Awful, But Their Solutions Are Worse

Laziness is the central characteristic of the age of infotainment. Conflating news and entertainment means less effort goes into reporting and humor.

Most Democrats Care More About Winning Than About Identity Politics

Among Democrats and Dem-leaners, only the 18-29 age group prioritizes issues over winning in a recent YouGov poll about 2020.

Revisiting ‘See No Evil’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

An invisible man––an ex-con driven by a desire to reunite his family––becomes the first legitimately successful original villain of the series.

‘Stop Sanders’ Democrats Haven’t Noticed One Of Bernie’s Biggest Weaknesses Yet

Nominating Sanders would require either a Romney-esque flip on immigration, or dispiriting the Democratic base on the issue that largely defines and fuels their opposition to Trump.

No, Ilhan Omar And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Not The Real Victims Of 9/11

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar gave a speech to CAIR that suggested the real victims of 9/11 were not the 2,977 people who died, along with their families.

Will The Democratic Party Faithful Ever Notice Their Leaders Are Crazy?

Contra the conventional wisdom, moderates and conservatives still make up roughly half of Democratic voters, while only 19 to 25 percent consider themselves ‘very liberal.’

Why The Media Won’t Drop The SPLC Despite Its Obvious Corruption

A cynic might conclude the media props up the Southern Poverty Law Center to advance a shared political agenda. That cynic would have some evidence to support the theory.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘The Cat and the Claw’ (Parts 1 and 2)

Catwoman’s introduction is a very mixed bag of artistic highs and lows in this animated production of the Batman storyline.

All Democrats’ ‘New’ Ideas Are Just Repackaged Failures Baby Boomers Like

Medicare for All, anti-nuclear sentiment, UBI, court-packing, and doing away with the Electoral College are old boomer ideas repackaged as something new.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘Heart of Ice’

Mr. Freeze is reimagined in arguably the best episode of the series.

If He Wants To Win, Joe Biden Should Stop Apologizing

Joe Biden is abandoning his strengths to play on the turf of the narrow, ‘upstairs’ progressive elites: socialism and identity politics.

Progressives Try To Scare Joe Biden Out Of 2020 Campaign By Bringing Up His Creepy Touching

Apart from whether Biden kissed the back of Flores’ head, stories about Joe being handsy are essentially the Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario for his candidacy.

Attorney General Bill Barr Will Be Targeted By House Democrats For No Particular Reason

Expect the left to train their fire on a memorandum Barr authored and sent to the Department of Justice in 2018.

Court-Packing Is Democrats’ Most Dangerous Attack On The Republic

Prior court-packing shows the practice can have disastrous, perhaps unforeseen results, and poses potential threats to our civil liberties.