Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois. He is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.
Attorney General Bill Barr Will Be Targeted By House Democrats For No Particular Reason

Expect the left to train their fire on a memorandum Barr authored and sent to the Department of Justice in 2018.

Court-Packing Is Democrats’ Most Dangerous Attack On The Republic

Prior court-packing shows the practice can have disastrous, perhaps unforeseen results, and poses potential threats to our civil liberties.

Beto O’Rourke’s Fundraising Haul Rebukes Media Elites Hating On His Sex And Skin

Establishment media elites are part of the small faction of woke progressives trying to drive Democrats further left than the rank-and-file might otherwise go. But voters aren’t listening.

Revisiting ‘I’ve Got Batman in My Basement’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

A poor introduction of the Penguin makes for one of the series’ weakest episodes.

Barack Obama’s Radicalism Laid The Groundwork For Ilhan Omar’s

Although Obama presented himself as a moderate, he was far from it. Still, people bought his act. What will the Democratic Party do without that illusion?

Bernie Sanders Is Now The Moderate Democratic Presidential Candidate

Do Bernie’s currently strong poll numbers (and fundraising) reflect some recognition that what distinguishes him from the emerging 2020 field is his distaste for identity politics?

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘It’s Never Too Late’

A dark episode involving addiction pays homage to classic gangster movies.

Revisiting ‘Two-Face’ (Parts 1 And 2) From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Two-Face’s thematically rich origin story is among the top episodes of the series.

Dianne Feinstein Teaches The Green New Deal Kids A Lesson In Politics

The real problem is the childlike utopianism and childish tactics of the supposed adults indoctrinating these kids with debunked talking points and schlepping them around Capitol Hill.

Data Shows Democrats’ Increasingly Rabid Leftism Is Driven By White People

Progressives of pallor get quite a bit out of not only promoting radicals of color, but also attacking their critics as racist.

Ilhan Omar Criticizes Cold War Policy To Distract From Socialism’s Atrocities In Venezuela

Apparently, Rep. Ilhan Omar tolerates large-scale abuses when they are committed by a far-left thug propped up by Russia, China, and Cuba.

All Ralph Northam Needs To Weather Racism Controversy Is The Approval Of Woke Whites

All he needs to do is pretend to care about their social justice reading list. Northam just needs to curry political favor, not legitimately change.

Revisiting ‘Be A Clown’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

The Joker turns assassin in an episode about fathers and sons — real, imagined, and lost.

Revisiting ‘The Forgotten’ From ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

In a flawed episode, Batman does not arrive until the final act. The wait is worth it, even if parts of the plot are hackneyed and overdone.

Ralph Northam And Kathy Tran Revealed The Future Of Abortion Politics

The revelation that abortion rights activists have geared up to push radical legislation in as many as 25 states throws a spotlight on the misleading media coverage of the issue.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘P.O.V.’

Officer Renee Montoya, a character created for the series, gets her true introduction in an episode without a super-villain.

Democracy Dies In Darkness When The Media Avoids Extremist Democrats

The election of Democrats is covered as extremely important and newsworthy, but what these same Democrats say and do once in power cannot be honestly reported.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Unicorn In A Field Of Fantasy Candidates

Democratic hopefuls seem to be on one big apology tour. Ocasio-Cortez’s unblemished, perfectly progressive past is understandably appealing to her party.

How Ocasio-Cortez’s Trump-Like Tactics Could Be Her Downfall

The establishment media does not depend on Ocasio-Cortez as they do Trump. To the contrary, Ocasio-Cortez poses a threat to the media that so far has gone unrecognized by both.

Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Smearing Covington High Schoolers, But Her Anti-Semitic Tweets Remain Online

That Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has left her anti-Semitic comments online while feigning remorse and deleting others is telling.