Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry

Warren Henry the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois. He is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.

How College-Educated Whites Are Polarizing And Fracturing The Democratic Party

Echelon’s results suggest that college-educated white Democrats are most responsible for pushing the party leftward, particularly on social and cultural issues.

How Hard Are Democrats Trying To Lose In 2020?

Their cockiness can be seen in the degree to which Democrats act as if they have stopped caring about persuading swing voters.

Do Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Preview A Democratic Populist Crack-Up?

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s strength may tell us less about the ideological struggle in the Democratic Party than about the rise of left-wing populism and the potential damage it may do.

Elizabeth Warren May Have Plans, But She Does Not Want to Discuss Them On Television

Time and again, the candidate who supposedly has all the plans chose to avoid or misrepresent them. If Elizabeth Warren becomes the nominee, she will find she has painted herself into a corner.

Will President Trump Launch A Dynasty?

The potential of a Trump political dynasty, or of the man himself continuing to loom over the political landscape like Oz the Great and Terrible, is certainly worthy of consideration.

Warren Mimics Bernie’s Promotion Of Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour To Campaign Surrogate

Given Linda Sarsour’s record, her claim that she supports Bernie Sanders because of rising anti-Semitism in America is irony thick enough to cut with a chainsaw.

How Politics Made Elizabeth Warren Dull And Less Electable

Elizabeth Warren’s ascent in the Democratic presidential campaign is the oft-told tale of a politician becoming boring, telling voters what they want to hear and disguising it as something else.

Jonathan Franzen’s Crazy Climate Rant Contains A Nugget Of Truth

‘What If We Stopped Pretending?’ is infuriating the left. Yet Jonathan Franzen cannot quite escape the mindset he believes has led to the End of The World As We Know It.

What Is The Electability Debate Really About?

The Democratic presidential campaigns are currently in the throes of what they think is a debate about ‘electability.’ But they are finding the concept elusive.

Revisiting ‘Batman, The Animated Series’: ‘Joker’s Favor’

The all-time debut of Harley Quinn highlights a top episode of the series.

How Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy Benefits From Her Democrat Competitors’ Weakness

Democrats usually prefer to fall in love with their candidates. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s slow but steady climb in the polls suggest it has not been love at first sight for many.

‘The Squad’ Co-Sponsors Bill Claiming Israel Tortures Children, And Parrots Other Terrorist Propaganda

The claims made in the bill originate mostly from a group that could be described as the propaganda arm of a terrorist organization.

Pete Buttigieg’s Candidacy Exposes Democrats’ ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Approach To Black Voters

While black Americans’ attitudes on LGBTQ issues pose a problem for Pete Buttigieg, his candidacy exposes a more general issue for a Democratic Party whose elites are disproportionately white leftists.

Media Won’t Report That Tlaib And Omar’s Israel Trip Was Planned By A Pro-Terrorist Group

The establishment press must be getting quite a crick in its collective neck from having to look away so often from the antisemitic elements of the left, including within the Democratic Party.

Not Sorry, Boomers: Woodstock Was A Bad Trip

‘What they thought was an alternative society was basically a field full of six-foot-deep mud laced with LSD. If that was the world they wanted to live in, then f— the lot of them.’

No, President Trump Should Not Commute Rod Blagojevich’s Corruption Sentence

Trying to shake down a racetrack investor is not politics as usual; it is attempted extortion. Trying to shake down a children’s hospital is not logrolling; it is the Chicago Way.

Tom Steyer’s Presidential Campaign Discredits His Drive To Impeach President Trump

Billionaire Democratic Party donor Tom Steyer made himself a household name with his crusade to impeach President Trump. But that’s strangely not at the forefront of his presidential bid.

After Appellate Victory, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Against The New York Times Goes Forward

The unanimous decision greatly increases the odds a jury will hear Sarah Palin’s claim that the Times acted with actual malice by linking her to an assassination attempt on a congresswoman.

After Democrat Pushback, New York Times Switches Headline To One Slamming Trump

The New York Times has announced to the world it thinks it unacceptable to publish a news headline without also signaling the paper’s institutional disapproval of President Trump.

Democrats’ Identity Politics Civil War Expands To Campaign Committee

The infighting consuming Democrats this year has spread beyond the presidential primary campaign and House caucus to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.