Tony Daniel
Tony Daniel

Tony Daniel is the author of 11 fantasy and science fiction novels, the latest of which is young adult fantasy, “The Amber Arrow.” His science fiction books include “Guardian of Night” and two Star Trek novels. He’s also an award-winning short story writer. Daniel has co-written screenplays for monster movies that appear on the SyFy and Chiller Channels including the films “Beneath” and “Flu Birds.” In the long ago 2000s, he wrote and directed numerous audio dramas for SCIFI.COM starring actors such as Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt, Kyra Sedgwick, and Lou Diamond Phillips. Daniel’s nonfiction has appeared in The American Spectator, The Seattle Times, Stuff, Maxim UK, and The Stranger. In addition to writing, Daniel is a senior editor at Baen Books. His website is Follow him on Parler @darkcoffee.

How Churchill Saved England During The Battle Of Britain

Bestselling author Erik Larson’s new history of the Battle of Britain, ‘The Splendid and the Vile,’ is a mostly splendid account of the Churchill family,

The Artistic Value Of A Statue Is More Important Than Its History

The tale of the gay Jewish Confederate soldier who sculpted some of America’s most notable memorials and statues just goes to show how dogmatic and shortsighted today’s iconoclasts really are.

Woke Protesters Come For Oprah’s Book Club

Jeanine Cummins’ bestselling novel ‘American Dirt’ has elicited protests over the author’s lack of Latinx credentials, but the bigger problem is that the book is plodding moralistic melodrama.

Minneapolis Rioters Burned One Of America’s Most Beloved Independent Bookstores To The Ground

Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s were legendary among the community of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery readers—and now they’re gone.

The ‘Wolf Hall’ Series Is A Landmark In Twenty-First Century Historical Fiction

Hilary Mantel’s new novel, ‘The Mirror and the Light,’ concludes her celebrated trilogy about Thomas Cromwell with another tome of thrilling insights into the human condition.

Mike Rowe’s Latest Book Will Delight Your Nostalgic Funnybone

Beloved TV host and everyman Mike Rowe’s book, ‘The Way I Heard It,’ is a mash-up of personal stories and historical vignettes that tug at your heartstrings and whack your funnybone.

David Ben-Gurion And The Triumph Of Israeli Nationalism

Historian Tom Segev’s new biography of the Israeli prime minister and Zionist hero, ‘A State at Any Cost: The Life of David Ben-Gurion,’ chronicles a series of important 20th-century episodes that have salience for today.

Deterring Chinese Military Ambitions Before It’s Too Late

National security reporter Bill Gertz’s new book, ‘Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy,’ offers vital reporting on the Chinese threat and worthwhile ideas for keeping the Chinese communists in their place.

It Won’t Be Academics Like This Who Reclaim ‘American Excellence’ From Bad Ideas

The new book by former Yale Law School Dean Anthony Kronman, ‘The Assault on American Excellence,’ bizarrely avoids placing the blame where it squarely belongs—our morally bankrupt educational systems.

Examining The Book Harper Lee Never Wrote

Casey Cep’s new true crime work, ‘Furious Hours,’ explores a lurid 1977 southern murder trial that almost inspired Harper Lee to write another book—but Cep’s pretentious account leans heavily on inaccurate and unflattering Southern stereotypes.

‘Top Gun’ Memoir Warns American Military Air Superiority Is In Danger

In Dan Pedersen’s engaging new memoir, ‘Top Gun: American Story,’ Top Gun’s original commanding officer tells the story of the famed fighter jet program.

The Twilight Of Master Essayist John McPhee Is Beautiful

Venerable New Yorker writer John McPhee’s latest collection, ‘The Patch,’ hearkens back to a time essay writing was crisp and a valued part of mainstream journalism.

Makes The Case For Trust-Busting Big Tech Companies

In Glenn Reynolds’ new book, ‘The Social Media Upheaval,’ the popular blogger and law professor persuasively fleshes out his argument for breaking up the Silicon Valley giants.

Therapy Animals Are Not Only Ridiculous, They Probably Make Things Worse

Fourteen years ago, I should have known it would eventually come to this. That I’d have to take time away from solving crimes to explain why I don’t like therapy animals.

A Supreme Court Biography That Should Be Held In Contempt

CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic’s biography of Chief Justice John Roberts, ‘The Chief,’ is so preoccupied with disagreeing with the man that it doesn’t provide much insight into Roberts’s life and rulings.

What Happens When An Artist Is Mugged By Identity Politics

Controversial novelist Bret Easton Ellis’s new collection of essays, ‘White,’ tears into the proponents of ‘woke’ culture for eroding free expression and encouraging victimhood.

Inside The Life And Christianity Of Legendary Sci-Fi Author Gene Wolfe

The legendary sci-fi author’s reputation has waned in recent years, but his death is a chance to reevaluate Wolfe’s remarkable world-building and singular talent.

What’s Wrong With Trashing Your Homeschooling, Anti-Medicine Mormon Family

In her bestselling memoir, ‘Educated,’ historian Tara Westover tries to come to grips with being homeschooled by her eccentric Mormon family, but in the process raises some questions about her own flawed assumptions.

Lee Child’s Latest Takes A Trip Through Jack Reacher’s Unrecognizable America

After 23 Jack Reacher books, Lee Child continues to sell paperbacks by the truckload, and making his books so compulsively readable is no mean feat when you consider how ridiculous they are.

‘Mrs. Maisel’s’ Excellent Second Season Dooms The Third

In season two, ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ improves markedly on its first ten-episode run. But the show’s future still looks bleak.