Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt

Mitchell Blatt is a columnist and freelance writer based in China who covers politics and travel. He is the editor of Bombs and Dollars and the lead author of Panda Guides’ Hong Kong guidebook. He has been published at Washington, Daily, The, and Newsbusters, among other outlets.

Women Hockey Players Shouldn’t Earn What The Men Do Until Their Audiences Are Equal

The underlying reasons male and female athletes are paid differently are the same as the reasons female models are paid more than male models.

By Targeting Uber, Immigration Protesters Punish Innocent Bystanders

These pointless protests did little besides making it harder for tired folks from all over the world to get to their destination after what could have been a 12-hour flight.

To Govern Well, The GOP Needs To Drop Identity Politics

The GOP will face the unsettling reality that they don’t have much of a mandate for pro-growth conservative policies, or indeed for any specific set of policies at all.

The Left Thinks They’re The Only Ones Allowed To Riot

It may be maddening to hear voices on the left support violent protests sometimes, and condemn it at other times. But there’s a method to this madness.

It’s Time To End Ideology-Based Foreign Policy

Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s foreign policies can be seen as classic examples of idealism overpowering cold analysis of facts.

Donald Trump Is Killing Republicans With Minorities

What would it take for Republicans and conservatives to call Donald Trump out either for being racist or intentionally appealing to racists? Honest question.

Only Difference Between SJWs And Alt-Righters Is Which Identities They Hate

Those who consider themselves the most ferocious opponents of racism and bigotry are in fact the only other ones besides racists who are so obsessed with their identities.

How Donald Trump Makes Political Correctness Worse

Donald Trump’s insistence that his campaign is a crusade against political correctness appears to be hurting the brand of the anti-PC movement.

Stop Whining. Nobody Owes You A Job

Your job belongs to the person who pays you to do it. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton all say the opposite, but they’re lying to get your vote.

10 Things Trump Said But Says He Didn’t

Either Donald Trump has a horrible memory or he’s a pathological liar. Either way, it’s pretty clear you can’t trust at thing he says. So what else is he lying about?

Social Justice Warriors Need To Get A Sense Of Humor About Trans People

Trans people shouldn’t be off-limits for comedians. That some social justice warriors think they should be just shows they need to lighten up.

The Left Hates Walmart For Existing And For Not Existing

One cannot be logically consistent in opposing Walmart construction while also opposing Walmart closings.

Social Justice Warriors At Oberlin Don’t Know Anything About Ethnic Food

Kids at Oberlin College are complaining because their cafeteria serves bad versions of…American food.

Not All Shooting Sprees Are Terrorism

Terrorism is a different thing than a random shooting and requires a different response. Confusing the two would make our response less effective.

Campus Race Warriors’ Demands Will Hurt Asians

Hiring more African-American faculty, as campus protestors are demanding, will necessarily reduce the percentage of Asian faculty.

Freedom Can’t Coexist With Campus Political Correctness

It’s impossible for people and society to govern themselves if their rights are subject to other people’s feelings.

Marco Rubio: The Republican Barack Obama

Marco Rubio has President Obama’s charisma, youth, pop-culture sensibilities, and golden tongue. And a Republican Obama is just what the Grand Old Party needs.

Bernie Sanders Voted For Criminal-Justice Measures He’s Denouncing

Yes, the U.S. prison population has greatly expanded. And Bernie Sanders is part of the reason for that.

Republicans Are The Real Big-Tent Party

Looking for a variety of nuanced positions on important matters? Look to the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has become homogenized.

Sexbots Aren’t The Answer To Feminism

A robot that looks like a woman but isn’t a woman is just a fake woman for men who don’t like women.