Matthew Petrusek
Matthew Petrusek
Stop Weaponizing The Priest Abuse Crisis Against Catholic Theology

It’s disingenuous to link the question of papal authority to the abuse scandal, which remains a problem of conduct, not of doctrine.

Why The Catholic Church’s Hypocrisy Is A Terrible Reason To Leave

Hypocrisy, even that which stinks to the highest heaven, does not and cannot disprove truth.

How Christians Should Respond To Mockery Like That Celebrity Bash At The Met

The public mocking of Christian belief can understandably generate an impulse to retreat behind walls. We should resist this impulse and respond in wisdom and charity.

Why It’s Impossible To Have Diversity Without Unity

Every time we invoke diversity, we are necessarily implying a deeper unity. Maybe that deserves some celebration, too.

Sorry, Google, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Scientific’ Values

Science-based thinking is a valuable tool: it tells us what we can do. But it cannot say a word about what we ought to do.

Reaction To Steve Scalise’s Shooting Teaches Us To Fear Indifference More Than Hate

It’s likely that most Americans have little recollection of where they were or what they were doing when they learned about Steve Scalise and the others who had been wounded. Why?

How To Rescue The Marketplace Of Ideas From The Culture Wars Before It’s Too Late

The solution to bad speech is not more speech when nobody agrees on the ground rules. We cannot have a marketplace of ideas without rules of engagement.

Why Being An ‘Extremist’ Is Inevitable For The Clear-Minded

If it is accurate to call both conservative Paul Ryan and progressive Elizabeth Warren extremists, does that mean the right thing to do is to average out their ideological differences?

Why Pro-Lifers Aren’t Hypocritical For Opposing A Welfare State

‘Preventing death’ and ‘ensuring welfare’ are two different things and thus correspond with different kinds of individual and social responsibilities.

‘Guardians’ Vol. 2 Secretly Explores Atheism’s Weaknesses

The film’s egotistical celestial is exactly the sort of figure atheists condemn. Thankfully, whatever else the Christian God may be, he is not Ego.

Why It’s Impossible For Any Group To Be ‘Inclusive’

While ‘total inclusion in the community’ may sound good as a fundamental moral principle, running it through the logic machine yields some problematic results.