Kira Davis
Kira Davis

Kira Davis is a freelance writer, blogger and mother of two. She is the president of Phantom Sway, a production company based in Los Angeles. Kira has interviewed President Obama and appeared on various media outlets including Fox News, the Dana Loesch Show, the Glenn Beck Show and the Dr.Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway.

Why Americans Are Gobbling Up Adam Sandler Movies On Netflix

His politically incorrect humor hearkens back to a generation when stardom was less common, and comedians weren’t so paranoid.

Paying Someone To Sleep Train Your Baby While You Vacation Is Everything Wrong With Modern Parenting

The sleep training thing is indicative of a larger problem. After the dawn of the baby boomers, parenting morphed into pleasing, and then my generation took that to the next evolution.

It’s Time To Stop Celebrating ‘Bad Moms’

Let’s start making room for the good moms again. I think we ‘bad moms’ have accomplished our mission.

Why ‘The Bachelor’ Will Never Have Racial Diversity

The lack of racial variety on ‘The Bachelor’ isn’t just a matter of casting more minorities. It’s a challenge of human nature.

Yes, You Can Be A Christian And Wrong

You can be gay or vote for Donald Trump or even be pro-choice and still be a Christian.

Black Lives Matter Torches Justin Timberlake, Demonstrating Their Selfish Ineptitude

If they can’t even let a white celebrity tweet out support for the message of a half-white celebrity, then Black Lives Matter might be doing it wrong.

Don’t Like Trump? Shouldn’t Have Supported Obama

To everyone who has ever rejoiced as President Obama skirted the legislative process to deliver what you thought you wanted: It’s time to eat your words

Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter

The very instincts my daughter’s feminist mentors have been telling her to pay attention to are now considered ‘bigoted’ as soon as she hits the bathroom.

Stop Trying To Replace White Privilege With Black Privilege

Do I have to explain to you how difficult it is to raise children when everyone is telling them their skin color is more important than their attitudes?