Jayme Metzgar
Jayme Metzgar
Jayme Metzgar
Jayme Metzgar is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. She is the founder and president of Romania Reborn, a Christian non-profit working to find families for abandoned children. She believes in private charity, free markets, individual liberty, and baking with real butter. Jayme and her husband live in West Virginia with their four children, whom she educates at home.
U.S. Forces Parents Away From Adopted Children For As Long As Two Years

Luke and Brittney Stasi appear to have been victims of an unannounced policy change at the U.S. State Department keeping parents from bringing their adopted children home. Will Congress act?

School Choice Wins Narrow Victory In Union-Dominated West Virginia

Despite fierce opposition from teachers unions, the GOP legislature makes a small first step toward allowing parents and children to have more control over their futures.

Why Is The U.S. State Department Making It Harder For Orphans To Find Families?

Adoption advocates ask the courts to block a crippling new State Department policy that would harm waiting families and children.

New Report Shows International Adoption Edging Closer To Extinction

The industry’s overregulation is making it increasingly difficult for willing families to take the plunge and attempt international adoption.

West Virginia Teachers, Parents: We’re Scared To Disagree With Striking Teachers Unions

Teachers’ unions use children as bargaining chips, intimidating legislatures into giving them endless political power. So what do parents and teachers think of them when they can be honest?

Hate Hoaxes Are What Happen When Your Religion Is Identity Politics

These stories bear too many similarities to be seen simply as isolated attention-seeking. Progressivism is a toxic belief system, incompatible with freedom, peace, and unity.

How Marie Kondo Might Clean Up The DC Swamp

The more I watched, the more I became convinced that Marie Kondo is the hero we need to declutter the giant, oppressive mess we’ve made of the U.S. government.

State Department Continues Its Cruel War On Adoption Agencies

As America celebrates National Adoption Month, international adoption remains in jeopardy and countless adoptions are stuck in limbo.

20 Voters At A West Virginia Rally Say What They Think About The Midterms

‘I don’t believe in what the Democrats stand for: abortion, taking your money from you, letting in all these people over here, trying to take your guns.’

How A Pro-Life Ballot Amendment Threatens Democrats’ Senate Chances In West Virginia

This year, Sen. Joe Manchin’s race for reelection is one of the GOP’s best chances to flip a Senate seat. Pro-life organizations have endorsed Manchin’s Republican opponent, Patrick Morrisey.

6 Revelations From ‘The Swamp’ Documentary That Show Just How Dirty DC Is

Four million people have watched the first three episodes of this documentary series on Facebook. It confirms flyover Americans’ suspicions about Congress making itself comfortable while ignoring the country’s needs.

Five Quick Takeaways From The GOP Senate Debate In West Virginia

Three Republicans are vying to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who is vulnerable in a state where President Trump is wildly popular.

Alfie Evans Is What Happens When Kids Belong To Society Instead Of To Parents

In practice, ‘belonging to society’ simply means a child belongs to no one at all. It is one of the worst fates that can befall a child.

Bucking Trump Deregulation Agenda, State Department Chokes International Adoption

Adoption advocates say the State Department is making international adoption rarer and more expensive than ever to consolidate government control over private agencies.

27 Joyful And Somber Pictures From Friday’s March For Life In Washington DC

For me, the highlight of the March for Life is always the ordinary Americans who fill the streets, and the stories they have to tell.​

Stop Coming Up With Christmas Parties For My Family To Attend

December is now a string of days on which to go to parties, buy presents for parties, bake cookies for parties, shop for ugly sweaters to wear to parties, and clean up after parties.

How The Civil War Gave Us Today’s Thanksgiving, And What It Can Teach Us

Our Thanksgiving celebration originated in our nation’s worst period of turmoil and bloodshed: the Civil War. Its lessons can help us today.

Anti-History Fury Hits Virginia Civil War Re-Enactment With Threats, Pipe Bombs

After this weekend’s events, reenactors—and the spectators and communities who love them—increasingly worry that living history will become the next casualty of America’s culture war.

After Experiencing British And U.S. Health Care, This Family Says Single-Payer Is Abominable

Britain’s socialized health service planned to make Kim wait for surgery until a full year after her first kidney stone attack. But I got my husband a next-day appointment in the United States.

Meet The Conservative Trying To Unseat Joe Manchin And Redden The Senate In 2018

No matter how red West Virginia may appear on a presidential map, any campaign against Joe Manchin will be a daunting task. Patrick Morrisey says he’s up to it.