Jayme Metzgar
Jayme Metzgar
Jayme Metzgar

Jayme Metzgar is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. She is the founder and president of Romania Reborn, a Christian non-profit working to find families for abandoned children. She believes in private charity, free markets, individual liberty, and baking with real butter. Jayme and her husband live in West Virginia with their four children, whom she educates at home.

With New Campaign, Michelob Says Women Should Be Seen, Not Heard

Against an overwhelming cultural tide of transgender ideology, female athletes are being sidelined, silenced, and demoralized.

Forcing People To Substitute ‘Jazz Hands’ For Applause Is Just Wrong

No free-born American should ever be compelled, under any circumstances, to use ‘jazz hands,’ because they’re not just a silly gesture. Here’s what these anti-applause policies are really about.

Illinois Teachers Unions Attempt A Huge Power-Grab Over Private Schools

If Illinois teachers unions get their way, expect even more young learners to be turned away from the in-person education they desperately need.

Once Held Hostage By Teachers’ Unions, West Virginia Just Passed The Nation’s Broadest School Choice Law

For a state that couldn’t pass a modest measure on Education Savings Accounts just two years ago, it’s a breathtaking turnaround. What changed?

Confused Kamala Harris Warns Of West Virginia’s ‘Abandoned Land Mines’

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris gave an exclusive interview to a local television news station in West Virginia. In the interview, Harris was asked about Read Full Article >

5 Big Problems With The New York Times Investigation Of Amy Coney Barrett’s Children

Why did the newspaper of record deem it worthwhile to launch a three-week investigation into the life stories of a Supreme Court nominee’s minor children?

Why The Left Is Attacking Amy Coney Barrett For Adopting Kids From Haiti

While some of these tweets were later deleted or walked back, the left had tipped its hand: Barrett’s two young, adopted children are not considered out-of-bounds for witch hunts and smears.

Thanks To Coronavirus Panic, 1 In 10 American Families Is Now Home-Schooling

We’re talking two to four million more homeschooled children this fall. Is this a one-year coronavirus phenomenon, or will it change education forever?

Americans Refused To Let Coronavirus Cancel July 4 Fireworks This Year

Fireworks coming up from nearby backyards, fireworks sparkling across the ridge, fireworks from two neighboring states glimmering in the distance. It was pure magic, and we all felt it.

3 Things ‘Hamilton’ Gets Right About America That We Need To Remember Right Now

America isn’t built for one ethnic heritage. As a nation founded on fundamental and universal ideas, the idea of America belongs to all of us.

West Virginia Barber’s Arrest Shows Failings Of The Bureaucratic State

A barber who had been cutting hair for more than 50 years never set out to make a stand. He just wanted to pay his bills.

Trapped Overseas, Adoptive Families Beg The U.S. To Let Them Come Home

Adoptive families stuck abroad aren’t looking for shortcuts. They simply want efficiency and consideration of these extraordinary circumstances.

5 Simple Homeschool Secrets To Lighten Your Coronavirus Quarantine

Let me give you a few simple ideas, informed by decades of homeschool experience, that will help you and your kids make the most of your weeks at home together.

40 Faces We Saw At The 2020 Washington DC March For Life

Like any political gathering numbering in the tens of thousands, the March for Life is a fascinating intersection of backgrounds, cultures, and faith traditions.

30 Years Later, 3 Lessons From The Fall Of Romanian Communism

I’ve spent my adult life working to alleviate the damage of Marxism. We don’t want it here.

5 Practical Steps For Saving America By Building A Real-Life Community

You won’t be able to single-handedly change the culture of America, but changing the culture of your neighborhood is well within reach. It’s a place to start.

U.S. Forces Parents Away From Adopted Children For As Long As Two Years

Luke and Brittney Stasi appear to have been victims of an unannounced policy change at the U.S. State Department keeping parents from bringing their adopted children home. Will Congress act?

School Choice Wins Narrow Victory In Union-Dominated West Virginia

Despite fierce opposition from teachers unions, the GOP legislature makes a small first step toward allowing parents and children to have more control over their futures.

Why Is The U.S. State Department Making It Harder For Orphans To Find Families?

Adoption advocates ask the courts to block a crippling new State Department policy that would harm waiting families and children.

New Report Shows International Adoption Edging Closer To Extinction

The industry’s overregulation is making it increasingly difficult for willing families to take the plunge and attempt international adoption.