Jessica Burke
Jessica Burke

Jessica Burke lives in North Carolina with her husband and their four children. A former public school teacher, Jessica has spent the last decade with a vocation of homemaker and classical home educator. The Burkes lived overseas for three years and have been to almost 20 countries together, surviving some adventures they will never speak of to the grandparents.

How I Told My Children About My Miscarriage

I kissed three faces. ‘We’ll be okay, but–’ Tears flooded my eyes again at the thought of not having a fourth face to kiss.

Young Americans Aren’t Too Poor To Have Kids. They’re Just Chicken

They are scared they’ll lose themselves, that it will be too hard, that they’ll never get back the life they are enjoying. The opposite is true.

Silicon Valley Execs Get Your Kids Hooked On Their Gadgets, But Not Their Kids

Social media company creators are beginning to speak out about restricting technology for children. So should the rest of us follow suit?

Start Here To Discover The Joys Of Reading Aloud To Your Children

Sarah Mackenzie’s new book, ‘The Read-Aloud Family,’ is a manifesto and annotated book list that makes a powerful case for the benefits of reading together as a family.

It’s Not Right To Shame Poor Women’s Fertility To Privilege Rich People’s Comfort

What’s an alarmist to do in light of all of the improvements in conservation while reducing poverty? Go after the size of families in impoverished countries, of course.

How To Take Control Of Your Children’s Education

In her new book, ‘Rethinking School,’ Susan Wise Bauer offers a host of practical suggestions and alternatives for parents struggling with traditional education environments.

‘Ferdinand’ Film Writes Narcissism Into Classic Children’s Story

In the case of a bull who’d choose peace under his cork tree over fame with the matadors, we might argue that he chose the better. But our world is not the fictitious world of Ferdinand.

Why We Still Love Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ 40 Years After Her Death

Agatha Christie’s books have been sold more than a billion times in English. A new version of her ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ opens November 10.

Tinder’s Problems Go Far Beyond Recording Your Deepest Secrets

When Judith Duportail received the 800-page report containing her Tinder data, she saw it logged her deepest secrets from likes, online conversations with Tinder matches, and more.

Feminism, Not Angela Merkel, Is The Reason German Women Don’t Like Feminism

‘In Angela Merkel, German Women Find Symbol, but Not Savior’ mistakenly directs disappointment towards Angela Merkel when the fault really lies in feminism.

What Anne Frank’s Garret Can Teach Us About Demolishing Monuments

When the opportunity presents itself to visit a living historical site, the effect on one’s spirit can be more significant than any book or lecture.

Dear NYT: Most Women Won’t Trade ‘Great Sex’ For Communist Labor Camps

The New York Times argued this week that our memories of communist Europe—food shortages, secret police, the repression—do not provide a complete picture of life then. Get a grip.

Are Christians Callous Toward The Poor For Thinking Effort Matters?

A new poll suggests some evangelical Christians see poverty as the result of laziness, not due to circumstances. But the reality is more complicated.

Don’t Let Climate Alarmists Neuter Your Kids’ Desire For A Family

If they can’t reduce the current number of people on earth, climate alarmists can teach young people that reproducing is amongst the worst of moral sins. But they’re wrong.

Promoting ‘Captain Underpants’ To Reluctant Readers Doesn’t Help Them

Kids don’t need potty humor and malicious pranks to start reading books. They just need a good, interesting story.

It’s Time To Admit That Screens Are Just Digital Pacifiers

We need to be honest about kids and their devices. They are addicted, and parents are to blame.

‘Open Marriage’ Is Just Another Term For Adultery, And Just As Selfish

Calling sexual relationships outside of marriage ‘open,’ even when both spouses agree on it, is just another way to try to disguise the truth.

Parents, Talk To Your Kids About Sex Before Schools Do

You may think you have time because your children haven’t asked about sex yet. But you’re wrong. Your kids are asking questions—they’re just not asking you.

What Americans Can Learn From The Civil Unrest In Macedonia

Political tension in Macedonia is rooted deep within the identities of the people because ethnicity, rather than ideology, is the real divide between parties.

Why Putting Kids In School At Younger Ages Is Bad For Them

Allowing young children to learn naturally through play, rather than in academic settings, is better for their academic growth long-term.