Douglas E. Baker
Douglas E. Baker
Douglas Baker

Douglas Baker is a senior fellow with the United States Leadership Foundation.

Common Core And The Ongoing Battle for America’s Schools

In her new book ‘Education Invasion’, Joy Pullmann warns that the federal government is well on its way to destroying local control of America’s schools.

How To Rebuild American Culture ‘Out Of The Ashes’ Of Modernity

From time to time books are written equating the downfall of a nation with certain observable events. Such is Anthony Esolen’s ‘Out of the Ashes.’

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At a time when religious liberty is under threat, a new book argues that the ‘political hopes of the world rest upon the local church–in its life together.’

Does American Exceptionalism Mean Worshiping The State?

Can a belief in American exceptionalism and the Christian gospel coexist in harmony? A new book probes our history of civil religion.