Ashe Schow
Ashe Schow

Ashe Schow is a senior editor at The Daily Wire, and a senior
political columnist for the New York Observer. She also contributes to
a weekly segment on the Enough Already podcast. She has previously
worked for, the Washington Examiner and the Heritage

Why ‘Final Fantasy 7: Remake’ Worries Me About The Franchise’s Future

One has to wonder what Square will do to the remaining episodes of ‘Remake.’ Will they completely rewrite the story?

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Might Not Just Ignore SJW Complaints, But Spite Them

Seeing these two characters—Tifa and Barret Wallace—in their new versions gives me hope for the cross-dressing portion of the game.

Accused Duke University Student Gets His Degree, Four Years After Unfair Expulsion

As professor K.C. Johnson noted, the damage has already been done: ‘Duke’s actions: (a) cost him a job; and (b) forced him to leave the country [because] he lost his visa.’

Judge: ‘Gender Played a Role’ In Male Student’s Expulsion After Due Process Fiasco

Judge John McConnell said that he could ‘find no reason at all why the result was Mr. Doe’s expulsion. The only inference [is] . . . gender played a role.’

Male Accuser Finally Turns The Tables Against A Female In Campus Kangaroo Courts

A male student has accused a female student of sexual assault, claiming he was too drunk to consent to sexual activity.

She Retroactively Decided She Didn’t Like Their Encounter, And It Destroyed His Semester

An Illinois State University student is suing his school because even though they found him not responsible for sexual assault, a premature suspension effectively punished him.

Cornell Law Professors Join Strengthening Push For Due Process On Campus

Cornell University is getting sued for denying male students accused of sexual assault due process, and a third of its law professors are backing the suit.

School Finds Sex Assault Accuser Not Credible, Still Suspends Accused Student

The male student is now suing Syracuse University for gender bias and for failing to provide him due process rights.

Setting The Record Straight On The Yale Sex Assault Trial

It was the verifiable evidence that contradicted the woman’s testimony that drove jurors to acquit Khan, not two questions from the defense.

The Right Needs To Learn From The Left’s Astroturfing Of The Parkland Survivors

Just because Trump’s in the White House doesn’t mean the Right should stop working to influence the conversation.

After Settlement With Fraternity, The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax Saga Is Officially Over

Rolling Stone is only now able to put this travesty behind them, at least legally.

Liam Allan Was Falsely Accused Of Rape, And His Accuser Almost Got Away With It

The woman who accused Liam Allan said he had raped her multiple times over a 14-month period, and that she did not enjoy sex with him. Thousands of her text messages said otherwise.

Lena Dunham’s Rape Virtue-Signaling Comes Back To Haunt Her

When her ‘Girls’ writing partner Murray Miller was accused of sexual assault last week, Dunham defended him. Big no-no.

Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill To Codify Obama-Era Sex Assault Policies

Considering that two of the worst cases of accused students getting railroaded by school officials happened in the Bay State, it should take extreme care not to ensure more lawsuits.

Due Process Is Making A Comeback For College Students Accused Of Rape

California Gov. Jerry Brown is the first supporter of Obama-era guidance to urge caution and note the racial disparity in campus tribunals.

Poll: Americans Still Believe In ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty,’ Even For College Students

A new survey suggests that, even though they believe we have a campus sexual assault problem, Americans across party lines still believe in due process.

DeVos Ditches Obama-Era Campus Assault Rules, But Problems Lie Ahead

In place of the Obama-era guidance, known ominously as the 2011 ‘Dear Colleague’ letter, schools will now have to adhere to 2001 and 2006 guidance from the Education Department.

Betsy DeVos To Rework Obama-Era Campus Sex Assault Rules

This was the first time a federal official spoke publicly about the need for due process and the presumption of innocence while highlighting false accusations.

Couple Says It Was Horse Play, But University Suspends Male For Assault, Won’t Release Surveillance Video

The University of Southern California appears to have been so committed to showing that it takes Title IX issues seriously it ignored a woman’s claim that she wasn’t abused.

Drake University Faces Lawsuit For Expelling Learning Disabled Sexual Assault Victim

His accuser admitted during the campus hearing that she had sexually assaulted him. Yet she was never punished, while he was expelled based on her accusation.