Ashe Short
Ashe Short

Ashe Short is a senior editor at The Daily Wire, where she writes about campus issues. She has previously worked for, the Washington Examiner, and the Heritage Foundation.

Drake University Faces Lawsuit For Expelling Learning Disabled Sexual Assault Victim

His accuser admitted during the campus hearing that she had sexually assaulted him. Yet she was never punished, while he was expelled based on her accusation.

College Students Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault Have A Good Couple of Weeks

It would be more encouraging if more schools changed their policies to protect the rights of accused students and stopped the witch hunt mentality raging on campus.

After Outcry, UC-Berkeley Finally Agrees Ben Shapiro Can Speak—At Smaller Venue

The people the university is now turning away or restricting have gone from large-scale provocateur types to people progressives simply can’t argue with and therefore want ignored.

As Policy Shift Looms, Left Smears Campus Due Process Advocates As Rape Apologists

None of these smeared groups think rape is acceptable. They simply want protections for accused students, and for the hysteria surrounding the issue to stop.

Allegheny College Settles With Student Peer Says Was Accused In Revenge For Not Dating Girl He Slept With

In a win for accused students, Allegheny College in Pennsylvania has settled with a student it expelled for allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow student.

Trump Administration Signals End To Campus Star Chambers

This week, a U.S. Education Department official said the Trump administration would dial down its treatment of accusations that schools do not properly address sexual assault complaints.

Whining About Race Makes ‘Riverdale’ Look Dumb

When Archie comes asking for help with his music in episode three of ‘Riverdale,’ Josie inexplicably goes all white-privilege-social-justice-warrior on him.

UVA Fraternity May Give Part Of Hoax Settlement To Rape Crisis Groups

Phi Kappa Psi was the victim of a malicious false accusation, and they’re giving their money to groups that support the moral panic that led to their mistreatment.

Kathy Griffin’s Apology Reversal Illustrates Feminism’s Maddening Identity Crisis

Just imagine the gall it takes to hold up the fake severed head of a man then claim to be a victim when his family calls you out for your stunt.

Politico Attacks Animal Activism Organization Because A Trump Is Involved

That’s right, not even President Trump’s daughter-in-law is safe from media hit pieces.

Middlebury Didn’t Really Punish Students Over Charles Murray Riot

Middlebury College has mildly sanctioned students involved in attacking a professor and banging on car and building windows during a Charles Murray visit.

Middlebury Announces More Disciplinary Actions Over Charles Murray Student Riot

Middlebury College in Vermont has again announced that it has disciplined students over their behavior during an event featuring conservative author Charles Murray on March 2.

Student Sues Accuser, School, And Organization That Wrote Disciplinary Procedures

A student accused of sexual assault is suing not only his accuser and his university for defamation, but also the organization that provided the school’s discipline policy.

Judge: Catholic University Can Fire Tenured Prof For Defending Student Who Stood For Catholic Teachings

Professor John McAdams, a tenured professor at Marquette University, was fired after he wrote a blog post defending a student’s right to have a personal opinion.

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Resolution To End Campus Free Speech Zones

On Wednesday, several members of Congress introduced a resolution that would end free speech zones and reaffirm the First Amendment on campuses.

Lynn University Settles With Student Police Say Was Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

For many college students accused of sexual assault, getting justice can be a matter of luck and access to money, thanks to federal regulations that strip due process.

Middlebury Students Vote To Protest Discipline Of Charles Murray Protesters

The student bill argues that arresting students who engage in violent and disruptive behavior would result in ‘psychological trauma for marginalized students.’

Middlebury Takes Unspecified ‘Disciplinary Action’ On More Than 30 Students Over Charles Murray Fiasco

Middlebury College in Vermont says it had identified ‘more than 70 individuals’ who may have violated campus policies during a riot over social scientist Charles Murray’s presence.

Berkeley Refuses To Prevent Rioting At Ann Coulter Speech, Conservative Students Stand Down

This setback at UC-Berkeley will only ensure that the next confrontation is more brutal, because when rioters win it justifies their aggression.

Cornell Grad Students Charge Professor With Sexism To Retaliate For His Union Opposition

This is just the latest example of a professor’s reputation being dragged through the mud because he doesn’t toe the line of social justice extremism.