Angelo Codevilla
Angelo Codevilla
Angelo Codevilla

Angelo M. Codevilla is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University and a fellow of the Claremont Institute. He is the author of To Make and Keep Peace, Hoover Institution Press, 2014.

Codevilla’s Final Work: Stopping The Decay Of Western Civilization Begins With A Great Educational Reset

Problems with education bespeak civilizational ones, of which the phenomenon of Davos Man is but one manifestation.

How The United States Can Start Winning Wars Again

In order to understand what guidance natural law gives us about war and peace in our time, it is first necessary to have some understanding of what ‘natural law’ is.

Through Selective Security Clearances, Unelected Intelligence Agencies Claim Power To Veto President’s Advisors

President Trump’s passivity regarding the agencies’ arrogation of power over security clearances amounts to acquiescence to a change from constitutional to bureaucratic government.

Foreign Policy Establishment’s Hillary Endorsements Reveal Their True Colors

Nearly all of the U.S foreign policy establishment is now aligned with the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. That’s not surprising.

Political Correctness Is War By Other Means

Because feeling better about one’s self by punishing others is an addictive pleasure, victories can never satiate those who wage identity politics as war.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Would Work—On Another Planet

Since Donald Trump and his teleprompter’s understanding do not penetrate beneath slogans, following him will generate deeper troubles.

How Hillary Clinton’s Misuse Of Classified Documents Alters U.S. Law

President Obama’s attempt to protect Hillary Clinton’s willful law-breaking has changed our regime’s presumption that the public has a right to know into the opposite.

Americans Aren’t The World’s Rent-A-Cops

Americans as the world’s cops is okay with Donald Trump, so long as we are rent-a-cops.

Obama Plays Castro’s Hunger Game

The Cuban government rations to their people just one-third of the calories they need to live. President Obama’s Cuba policy will make the hunger worse.

In Former Syria, U.S. Hurts Its Friends And Helps Its Enemies

The Obama administration is pinching the Kurds, who have been the United States’ most reliable anti-terrorism partner in the Middle East.

Why Aren’t More Right-Wing Groups Attacking Trump?

The conservative movement’s guard dogs aren’t barking against a real threat to the ideals they claim to promote.

Donald Trump Is The Next Barack Obama

The difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama amounts only to whatever difference may exist between each emperor’s set of cronies.

Why Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Policy Is More Effective Than The United States’s

Once its allies guard the Turkish border, Russia will be the unchallenged mistress of the Fertile Crescent, while the United States will have become irrelevant there.

How America Can Capitalize On Europe’s Implosion

The same factors that are destroying Europe are at work in the United States, but their downfall can once again be our opportunity to arise.

The Putin School Of International Affairs

America’s leaders should take some lessons from Vladimir Putin on how to advance one’s own interests.

Megyn Kelly Shows How Low Our Political Discourse Has Sunk

We should return to the debate formats of Lincoln’s day.

The Courage Of Kissinger’s Contradictions

‘World Order’ reflects badly on Henry Kissinger and on the establishment that celebrates him.

How To Defend The U.S. Against A Ballistic Missile Attack

Our current policy is not to interfere with the capacity of Russian or Chinese missiles to devastate the United States.

The Foreign Policy Of The First Tea Party President

A Tea Party president’s foreign policy would markedly differ from that of a Progressive, Libertarian, or establishment candidate.

The Foreign Policy Of The Next Progressive President

The next progressive president will further endanger Americans by supporting thugs, backstabbing friends, and using international crises to remake America.