Allison Schuster
Allison Schuster

Allison Schuster is a former intern at The Federalist and a senior Hillsdale College working toward a degree in politics and journalism. Follow her on Twitter @AllisonShoeStor.

Family Of 1-Year-Old Who Was Shot And Killed: Do Baby Lives Matter?

“You should be ashamed of yourself, because everybody talks about Black Lives Matter. What about baby lives? What about teenager lives?”

Nick Cannon Spouts Anti-Semitism With Ousted Public Enemy Rapper

Nick Cannon and Professor Griff shamelessly spouted anti-Semitic slurs while insisting they don’t hate Jewish people on Cannon’s podcast, “Cannon’s Class.”

In The NFL, Standing For The Flag Is Problematic But Anti-Semitism is Okay

Malcolm Jenkins called the current discussion of DeSean Jackson’s antisemitism a “distraction” from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Goya Foods CEO Not Backing Down After His Positive White House Comments Sparked Controversy

Goya Foods is facing backlash after its CEO praised Trump for his ability to rebuild the economy at the White House Thursday.

City Of Seattle Hosts Segregated Training For White Employees To ‘Undo Their Whiteness’

Ideas such as perfectionism, comfort, objectivity, individualism, intellectualization, and even silence are examples of internalized racial superiority, according to city officials.

Ten Popular Quotes Falsely Attributed To American Heroes

Journalists, activists, and mob members alike have failed to use legitimate quotes, often leading to putting words in the Founding Fathers’ mouths.

Baltimore Protesters Topple Christopher Columbus Statue And Throw It Into The Harbor

Protesters in Baltimore’s Little Italy spent the evening toppling a Christopher Columbus statue, dragging it to the edge of the city’s Inner Harbor, and dumping it in the water.

CDC: After 10-Week Decline In COVID-19 Deaths, It May Soon No Longer Be An Epidemic

While policymakers toy with the idea of a second shutdown, the CDC is reporting a lower death rate even while COVID-19 cases are recently on the rise.

Acclaimed Environmentalist Apologizes For Pushing Climate Alarmism

“The tragedy is that we’re traumatizing our young people and doing things that actually make environmental problems worse,” said author Michael Shellenberger.

Harvard University Ends Policy Of Discriminating Against All-Male And All-Female Groups

Harvard University announced it has repealed its policy of discriminating against certain all-female and all-male social groups, notably Greek houses.

The Uncancellable: Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Resists Cancel Culture

Dave Portnoy’s refusal to give into cancel culture and apologize for political incorrectness cements his identity as a cancel culture rebel.

Planned Parenthood Members Don Handmaid’s Tale Costumes And Burn Flag In Abortion Bill Protest

An activist wearing the mask of Gov. Bill Lee lit the flag on fire while others in Handmaid’s Tale costumes chanted and looked on.

Sen. Tim Scott: Democrats Blocked Police Reform Because Unresolved Suffering Keeps Them In Office

There’s been a need for change for years, but Scott said national and state leaders have failed and continue to fail in passing meaningful legislation due to prioritizing politics over people.

NASCAR: Driver’s ‘Hate Crime Noose’ Was Really A Garage Pull Rope

‘The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall.’

Man Attempts To Profit Off Of Harassing Woman In Video Over Claims Of Racism

After posting a video in which he harassed an emotional and terrified woman and exposed her license plate number and home, Karlos Dillard is now attempting to profit off his pursuit of public humiliation.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Argues Section 230 Reform Is Necessary

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Google, free speech, and big tech censorship.

Ben Domenech: Small Groups Have Power To Weaponize Big Tech Against People They Don’t Like

“What we’re really seeing here is the power that small groups have to weaponize these large internet entities against people that they don’t like,” he said.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Endorses Riots And Toppling Statues As A Product Of The 1619 Project

Hannah-Jones’ ownership of The 1619 Project as inciting this type of defamation with its wrong portrayal of American history is telling of her own motivation for the project.

Hillsdale College Refuses To Bow To The Totalitarian Mob

The letter signed by the college’s administration argues the institution’s steadfast devotion to fighting for the truth that all men are created equal is proven by its actions rather than public statements.

Hawley Blasts Google For Threatening Right Media, Controlling Information People See

Sen. Josh Hawley criticized Google’s selective censorship and proposed legislation that allows individuals to sue Big Tech for similar future offenses.