Allison Schuster
Allison Schuster

Allison Schuster is an intern at The Federalist and is also a rising senior at Hillsdale College working toward a degree in politics and journalism. Follow her on Twitter @AllisonShoeStor.

NYPD Union Boss Slams Media: ‘Stop Treating Us Like Animals And Thugs’

At a press conference Tuesday, New York City Police Union Boss Mike O’Meara blasted politicians and the media for its depiction of police officers in recent weeks.

Hawley Calls For DOJ Investigation Into First Amendment Violations Against Religious Gatherings

“State officials cannot block religious speech while allowing protests simply because the states think the protest speech is more valuable,” Hawley wrote.

Kamala Harris Dodges Question On Whether To Defund Police

Host Meghan McCain asked Harris the question point-blank, twice, both of which Harris answered with a description of “reimagined” public safety

Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Makes Debut As MSNBC Legal Analyst

Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer whose FBI career ended when her text messages revealing her anti-Trump bias while conducting an FBI investigation against him, is now a legal analyst for MSNBC.

The Role Of Family And Community During The Lockdown

To further understand the state of American communities, The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) hosted a webinar Monday on “Family and Community Amid the Lockdown.”

Tom Cotton Calls For Military Intervention For Riots In New York Times Op-Ed

After Cottton condemned their actions as empty and harmful, he called for federal support of local law enforcement to stop the recklessness.

Roger Goodell Refuses To Meet With Barstool President Dave Portnoy After Winning NFL Auction

Portnoy announced Friday that the NFL Commissioner rescinded his invitation to Goodell’s man cave because of claims that Portnoy didn’t pass a background check.

New Episode Signals The Future Of ‘Call Her Daddy’ Will Be More Than Just Salacious Talk

Without her former co-host, the pressure is off for egregiously kinky content. “Call Her Daddy” will be a space to discuss whatever Cooper and the daddy gang want.

SportsCenter Recognizes Woman Who Paid Respects On Behalf Of Those Who Couldn’t Visit Arlington National Cemetery

Despite social distancing, Emily Domenech found a way to connect people to their loved ones while honoring fallen soldiers at Arington National Cemetery.