Adam Mill
Adam Mill is a pen name. He works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. Adam graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Adam has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller. Adam's greatest pride is his 12-year-old son, who shares a love of deep political discussion and hiking in the alpine as often as possible. Adam believes that individual liberty is both the means of obtaining and purpose of collective greatness. Adam may be reached at [email protected] He is not accepting new clients or consulting arrangements.
No, Barr’s Summary Of The Mueller Report Does Not Support Trump’s Alleged Obstruction

By salting the report with redacted grand jury information, Mueller guarantees the president remains subject to the suspicion that comes with secrecy.

In New York, Deputy U.S. Attorney Jumps Sinking Russiagate Ship

Robert Khuzami joins many other ‘get Trump’ figures who have one by one slipped away before the final reckoning.

4 Things To Look For In Robert Mueller’s Russian Collusion Report

Washington DC is atwitter with the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr.

Lisa Page Transcripts Reveal Huge Preferences For Clinton During Email Scandal Investigation

The Lisa Page transcripts reveal how politics corrupted the two critical investigations that influenced the 2016 election: the Clinton email scandal and the investigation into the Trump-Russia hoax.

The Methodists Who Support Gay Clergy And Weddings Aren’t Woke Activists

I’m not gay, but I also don’t go to church to listen to pastors tell some people they’re going to hell. I want to learn how I can honor God.

7 Reasons 2019 Is Already A Terrible Year For Trump’s Opponents

In spite of a seemingly unstoppable alliance among media, bureaucrats, the House, and Never-Trumper Republicans, the left appears destined to extract defeat from jaws of victory.

How Forcing Michael Cohen To Divulge Attorney-Client Communications Damages The Rule Of Law

This cooked-up pretext to invade the president’s attorney-client privilege is a stain of shame on the rule of law and tramples on a 500-year-old rule that protects our common law tradition.

6 Takeaways From Andrew McCabe’s Double-Dealing ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

Andrew McCabe’s arrogance resulted in several careless statements that cement his place as a villain in the greatest law enforcement scandal in U.S. history.

15 Recent Hate Crime Hoaxes That Might Make You Suspect There’s A Trend

So addicted are some people to the narcotic of outrage, that the mere fantasy of the attack is all they need to believe it true.

As The Russia Hoax Begins To Unravel, The Gaslighting Begins

The media has started backing away from the Russia collusion hoax. Many seem to know a reckoning is coming.

Mothers Are Killing Babies Who Could Fill The Empty Arms Of Millions Of Loving Couples

There’s no reason why anyone should need an abortion minutes before giving birth, when all states have infant safe haven laws.

How The Roger Stone Indictment Undermines Robert Mueller’s Probe

What we have here is an arrest of a man who pretended to be in the know with WikiLeaks (but wasn’t) and lied about it, and then lied about gossiping about Julian Assange in emails.

People Who Get Social Security Benefits Without Having Children Are Free Riders

Maybe people should be expected to retire on a smaller Social Security benefit if they did not contribute the next generation of taxpayers. 

How FISA Abuse Undermines Police Powers That Keep Americans Safe

Did American technology slip away in the luggage of Chinese spies because bureaucrats in Washington couldn’t resist spying on their political opponents?

Fresh Speculation Says Rod Rosenstein May Leave DOJ He Helped Corrupt

According to multiple reports, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will resign soon to make room for the incoming Attorney General William Barr, whom Rosenstein helped pick.

Yes, Trump Might Be Able To Declare An ‘Emergency’ To Build His Wall

The question of whether the situation at the border is an emergency is probably more of a political issue for the first two branches of government than a legal issue for the third branch.

The Evidence Coming Out Of The Flynn Case Makes Mueller Look Worse And Worse

The contrast between the outcome of Andrew McCabe lying to the FBI and Michael Flynn lying to the FBI demonstrates the DoJ is ruled by only one law: Does it help get Trump?

Of The Many Potential Crimes From 2016, Only Trump’s Are Being Prosecuted

In a parallel universe in which the law is applied without regard to politics, it would be not only Michael Cohen who is prosecuted for his legal transgressions.

Promises That Mueller Is ‘Closing In’ On Trump Are So Far Just The Media Crying Wolf

If we didn’t need a free and independent media, it would be comical how they all yap this same talking point in perfect harmony.

It’s In America’s Best Interests To Stop Overspending On Our Military

We spend gobs of money on our military, so what do we get in return? A lot of foreign intervention that has little clear benefit to Americans.