Aaron Gleason
Aaron Gleason
A.C. Gleason is a proud Biola University alum, where he met his wonderful wife. He earned his MA in philosophy of religion from Talbot. He contributes to and produces the Resistance TV podcast. You can find more of his writings on Medium, Ricochet.com, and WordPress. Follow him on Twitter @ac_gleason. He denies all accusations that Comrade Real Presence is his alter ego, though he hears that guy is awesome.
The Late Adam West Made Batman Truly Great Again

The actor’s comedic portrayal of Batman may not be considered the greatest or most moving. But he made all other Batmans possible.

What It Feels Like To Be A Man Struggling With Infertility

Infertility is not a traumatic event but rather a state of being traumatized, so the stages of recovery and grief become a way of life, not a stage of life.