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Democrats Can’t Boot Biden Without ‘Denying’ The Primary Election 

Instead of advancing ‘democracy’ by upholding primary voters’ wishes, Democrats and their allies are suddenly trying to have Biden replaced.


Democrats love to talk about democracy almost as much as they love to bring up “Russia! Russia! Russia!” The blue party’s usual talking points about preserving “America’s sacred cause” at whatever cost (literally), however, were suspiciously lacking from their commentary on the first presidential debate.

For years, Democrats and their corporate media cronies have gnashed their teeth and stomped their feet about “defending democracy” by smearing election integrity and attacking Republicans who try to protect women and children.

Democrats are so dead set on their definition of democracy that they joined establishment Republicans to waste billions of American tax dollars on an overseas war between two corrupt countries that has no oversight or end in sight. Never mind that the United States, which is technically a republic, is on the brink of destruction thanks to the leftist party.

They also put incessant pressure on former President Donald Trump to “accept the results of the election” while most of their own routinely rejected their party’s losses.

Instead of advancing “democracy” by promoting what they purport to be voters’ wishes for the future of the nation now, however, Democrat strategists, corporate media, and late-night keyboard lurkers collectively agreed by the end of Thursday night’s televised faceoff that Joe has got to go — the Biden campaign’s frightened finger-pointing be damned.

While the Americans suffering under the president’s bloody border policies, insane inflation, and political persecution would likely love nothing more than to see him evicted from the White House, there are numerous problems with Democrats and their allies suddenly giving Biden the boot.

For one, Biden is the presumptive Democrat nominee. Voters, despite telling pollsters for years that Biden was far too old for their taste, overwhelmingly agreed during primary elections that Biden was the best person to lead the Democrat ticket again.

Even the corporate media were convinced earlier this year that Biden “should be feeling good about a rematch with Donald Trump.” In fact, they worked overtime to dupe voters into believing Biden is the right man for the job.

All the indications of decline that normal Americans observe every time Biden attempts to speak, walk, or wave, the propaganda press insisted, were “cheap fakes” designed to confuse them about who should be the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee.

Republicans’ impeachment investigation, which could have led to a politically convenient removal of someone Democrats are now deeming a problematic presidential candidate, was also blacked out and smeared by the left and their media allies as an attempt to undermine the Americans who chose Biden in 2020.

To put it succinctly, the Democrat political machine has had many chances over the last four years to lean into the removal and replacement of the feeble elder in the Oval Office but refused to take them.

Democrats’ double standard on democracy and last-minute scrambling to replace their shoo-in presidential candidate should come as no shock to anyone who has observed them in the last eight years. Since 2016, leftists have leveraged their political power to deliberately disrupt presidential elections.

The 2024 cycle has proven to be no different, with more lawfare and ballot-harvesting schemes than ever before. Kicking Biden to the curb would merely be another notch in their election-meddling bedpost.

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