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Media Goes Ape Over Trump Endorsing Electorate’s Desire For Sending Illegal Immigrants Home

border deportation
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The media virulently attacking Trump’s proposal are directly opposing the many voters across the American political spectrum who support it.


Former President Donald Trump has big plans for the raging border invasion that dominates the list of concerns voiced by a majority of American voters heading into the 2024 election. Trump has pledged to address the border invasion by initiating the “largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

Trump’s proposal to “put the cartels out of business” involves using local law enforcement and the National Guard to remove the millions of foreigners leading what he called the “plunder, rape, slaughter and destruction of the American suburbs, cities and towns” from the U.S.

The declaration Trump has repeated at rallies and in interviews sent the corporate media — which framed the bid as “militaristic” and “justified using racist stereotypes of immigrants” — into a tailspin. NBC News even published a deceptive headline asking, “How many U.S. families could be affected by Trump’s vows to do mass deportations?”

If Trump is elected and follows through on his draft deportation plan, the answer to that misleading question will be that millions of U.S. families who are suffering the consequences of President Joe Biden’s border invasion will be affected — but not in the way the propaganda press believes.

Polling suggests more than half of Americans support plans like Trump’s to send the swaths of illegal border crossers in the U.S. packing. Even 42 percent of Democrats, whose party has sanctioned and even incentivized the border invasion, approve mass deportations as a solution for the ongoing border crisis.

“Americans are open to former President Trump’s harshest immigration plans, spurred on by a record surge of illegal border crossings and a relentless messaging war waged by Republicans,” Axios noted in its April analysis of the findings.

Not only does the media’s ire towards Trump’s proposal directly contradict the position held by many voters across the American political spectrum, but it also proves their hypocrisy. When former President Barack Obama deported more illegal border crossers — 2.5 million — than any other president in U.S. history, the propaganda press didn’t bother to bat an eye.

By Obama’s second term, pro-illegal immigration groups referred to him as “deporter-in-chief” and began to draw comparisons between his actions and those Trump promised during his first term in the White House. The media, however, rushed to defend the Democrat.

Instead of facing scrutiny from the corporate media for removing more migrants “than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century,” Obama received praise from outlets for abusing his executive power to institute the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) rule.

Obama also established detention camps. But Trump told Time recently that he doesn’t plan to utilize detention camps “much” “because we’ll be bringing them out of the country” instead of holding them inside. Yet, it was Trump who was smeared by the media for keeping “kids in cages” that Obama built.

The media’s deliberate double standard on border coverage is not new or surprising. It should, however, further enrage Americans, the majority of whom have lost faith in the ability of corporate news to accurately report on or reflect their views.

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