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Meet The Outspoken Women Leading The Fight Against Men Invading Their Spaces

Jennifer Sey has joined other courageous women in leading the charge when it comes to proclaiming the reality of human nature.  


With the increase of men wanting to compete in women’s sports, it often seems like it’s women who hate women’s sports the most. Consider South Carolina women’s head basketball coach Dawn Staley and her recent comments that anyone “who considers themselves a woman” should be allowed to play in women’s sports.

Thankfully, other prominent women are beginning to strike back to protect fairness in women’s sports. Jennifer Sey is one of them.

One of the most outspoken women to challenge Covid school closures, Sey, is also one of the loudest when it comes to opposing men in women’s sports, and she’s putting her money where her mouth is. The former CMO at Levi’s was coerced out of her job for condemning the multiple-year school lockdowns in Commufornia in 2020 and beyond.

She is not only a marketing maven but has an IQ higher than your average Ivy League president. She can define what a woman is and has recently launched an athletic clothing line to prove it. Her new venture, XX-XY brands itself as the “only athletic brand that stands up for women.”

Arguably one of Levi’s most loyal employees, Sey worked her way up from marketing assistant to brand president over 23 years and was set to become the first female CEO of America’s iconic brand before being fired for her opinions. In her youth, Sey was also a national champion gymnast.

The launch of her new activewear line reflects one of those rare moments in a person’s life when she can look back and see that everything she’s done to that point prepared her for her present role. As an elite gymnast, she confronted the dark side of the sport in her book Chalked Up, discussing the rampant abuse from coaches and destructive behavior among female athletes. The subtitle of her second book, Levi’s Unbuttoned, says it all: “The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice.”

She’s now using that voice to, once again, stand up to mobs of people who insist on denying that having men in women’s sports is problematic.

Typically, conservatives think they can move the ideological needle through policy and rational discussion, but Sey says the “left is really good at owning the tools of culture.” That includes clothing. She’s right. Until conservatives learn to compete in the marketplace and not just a parallel economy, they’ll continue to lose.

However, on the issue of men taking over women’s spaces, 80 percent of Americans agree with her. Sey hopes creating a world-class brand will help “normalize saying truth matters.”

The Left’s Losing Logic

Like clockwork, some obscure leftist site no one has never heard of called “The Mary Sue,” condemned Sey with the headline, “Former Levi’s Exec and COVID Denier Launches First Transphobic Clothing Line.” The author writes that “the best way to support women’s sports is by watching the WNBA or sponsoring a local team, not starting a whole clothing line dedicated to upholding the marginalization of trans women and men.”

Well, it’s kind of hard to watch women’s basketball when, theoretically, men could be on the court. Women’s sports aren’t even a thing once you allow men to play them.

Notably absent, however, are similar headlines from the normally far-left corporate media outlets. That is because, despite Joe Biden’s declaration of Transgender Day of Visibility this past Easter, most Americans are sick of this trans lunacy and the media know it. Even The New York Times ran an opinion piece this week titled, “The Problem with Saying ‘Sex Assigned at Birth.’”

Aside from mothers in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland trying to assuage some weird sort of white guilt, no sane woman wants to put her child through a medical experiment or mutilation to “affirm” her son or daughter. Nor does she want her daughter to suffer a concussion, lose a scholarship, or feel defeated because a man’s ego can’t take losing to those who equal his own size and abilities.

Sey Joins Some Fierce Females

Sey has joined other strong and courageous women who are leading the charge when it comes to proclaiming the reality of human nature.  

Riley Gaines, the NCAA championship swimmer who came to notoriety by being the first athlete to speak out against swimmer Lia Thomas for stealing women’s medals, is filing a lawsuit against the NCAA. Along with 15 other women athletes, Gaines asserts the organization’s transgender policy violates Title IX. Paula Scanlan, one of Lia Thomas’ former teammates at the University of Pennsylvania, slammed the university for silencing its female athletes. Both are backing Sey’s new brand.

Despite fierce online condemnation and potential legal action, J.K. Rowling continues to slay transgender activists like the Sword of Gryffindor. The famous author dared Scottish officials to arrest her over her supposed hateful comments about men posing as women. “I’m currently out of the country, but if what I’ve written here qualifies as an offence under the terms of the new act, I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.”

While some of our most influential women (Hello Oprah? Michelle? Any woman in Hollywood?) continue to pretend that men aren’t intruding on women’s spaces and even endangering women, the strongest and smartest ones are not just “seying” something (pun intended) but doing something about it.

If the rest of us who believe in biology could only find the guts to join them. In the words of a country music star who knows a thing or two about being a woman, “Let’s go girls.”

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